The Farm & Dairy October 3rd 2019 issue has an article titled "Here Comes The Sun" which Landowners will want to read.

The sources for the article say this is similar to the O&G leasing of Ohio farm land. This may be truer than they know. All of the potential theft and cause for Real Estate Tax overcharge for promised potential wealth that would not have been seen by Ohio Citizens if the future hadn't changed as it is about to.

Those who have signed Right Of Way leases without knowing what was in the ROW contract as presented to each Ohio Landowner by Cardinal Gas Services, shell company for Chesapeake Energy, have temporarily lost their Surface Rights. The Ohio Revised Code - Deception In Writings will one day be enforced and any Landowner who signed a ROW Contract without being told the truth, that they signed away their Surface Rights, will void their contracts. This a fact of Law.

The Solar Companies will not lease land that is under a mineral rights lease. I wonder why this would matter? Could this be a scam to allow "Solar Companies" access to Ohio Landowners minerals? Do Solar Companies have the same temporary immunity to Ohio Laws that the O&G fraudsters have enjoyed to date?

This Solar Deal if it is not another corrupt act waiting to take place against Ohioans, will still be here when the Round Up of Ohio's corrupt is complete. If the Solar Companies are corrupt they will be in the US Treasury along with US Domestic Oil & Gas where We The People will control Our Wealth as it should have been from the day the first Oil Well was drilled in PA.

A wise Landowner would not sign any documents related to their land, or deal with any lawyer until You hear that those 5,000 plus Sealed Federal Indictments for Ohio have been served. Your lawyer could disappear after you paid him Retainer money, if he has been taking advantage of US Citizens, which will show up in his bank accounts.

I'm sure a Patriot will post something here after the Round Up is completed to let everyone know the laws once again apply to all who operate in Our State as it was before Our stolen wealth was used to change the rule of law.

Watch for Our President Trump's running mate to announce his run for the 2020 Vice President.

We all know him well.

His resurrection will be celebrated by All and We The People will elect him as Our President in 2024 to 20??. Time reveals all Truth, but we must be patient for now, the wheels of justice will turn slowly until We The People are awake and and ready to handle the Truth that will be revealed.

I was ready for the Truth back in 2017, but a War cannot be run on a clock or calendar. Per Sun Tsu, The Art Of War, the War must not start until it is won. 

Trust Our President, Our Military and the NSA, and Pray for the protection of all who are risking their lives to return Our Nation to We The People.

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Things in Washington may be heating up. Intelligence Chatter indicates the demoncrats & deep state thugs are discussing options for removing Our President.

It is a fact that Martial Law will be used during the Round Up of those who are trying to remove Our President.

Communications may be taken down during this time to keep Our Domestic Enemies from talking to each other about Troop Movements and knowing who is being taken into custody.

Realizing that this isn't an Oil & Gas discussion, it would be wise at this time for me to explain that Our US Military takes an Oath to protect US Citizens and the Constitution "So Help Me God".  Many Veterans still observe this Oath including myself.

Know that Martial Law has been planned by the Military since 2013 to take down the Deep State Traitors and those who are Corrupt.

Do not listen to the main Stream Media if they say anything negative about this action by Our Military. The MSM is owned by 5 Corporations that are part of the Deep State. Main Stream Media reporters were paid Billions by Obama to mislead US Citizens from 2016 to present. They have committed Treason against US Citizens during a time of War.

During Martial Law, groups like Antifa will be treated as the Domestic Enemies if they appear in the streets to hinder the Military as they do tasks they are assigned.

Patriots in the know are on the Alert, ready to respond if needed.

There is absolutely no way to know when the "White Hats"/Our Military will begin the Round Up, but remember this is part of the Plan, so do not fear the Military or the declaration of Martial Law.

The US is the Only Nation on Earth who's Military takes an oath to protect it's Citizens and the Constitution, not the King/Prime Minister or the Government over it's Citizens.

This message applies to All US Citizens, regardless of the State they are from or business they are working in. We are All US Citizens.

Remember, this War was Won before it began.  God Bless each of You and God Bless America.

You know Ron during the American revolution, only 3percent of the population actually fought. Seems like people either aren't aware or do not care what is going on around us. The Socialist Dems trying a coup to unseat our President and nullify 63 million votes. Something big is going to happen here and people would be wise to prepare best they can.

This Corvette  is the very reason the bickering between the two political parties should stop  and try to find common agreements.  And work from there to hash out other problems.

Granddad Ladd

3 % is a low figure that only takes into account paid soldiers.  It is estimated that when militias and any other citizen are added that 10 to 13% would be closer to the # of fighters.  If you add non citizens the # may be upward to 16%.   Even 6% of a country participating in a war is amazing.  This 3% is BS propagated by the III%ers militia.  

Ron, please stop with the drugs.

All the crap you post aint gonna happen.

Trump will be removed from office because he is an idiot....and thinks he can operate as the president the way he did all his failed business dealings.

You wanna help him......put him on suidcie watch.

The fall will be very hard for You Tusc.

President Trump has waited 2 Years to take the actions now in progress hoping folks like You would wake up.

It is known that some will cease to function in Our Society when the real world is exposed by the coming Truth. 

Please consider re-reading the Bible over the coming months, otherwise I will miss Your jabs at my future comments.

God Bless and Keep You Tusc.

Try reading the Bible in English print. The Russian version is getting you confused. 

the "Ron Hale Comedy Show" never ends.

Another day, the sun rises, and another crazy, rambling, off-topic post from wacko Ron.

Yea, oil, gas & pipelines only please.

Oil gas and pipelines and their construction depend on many factors.  It would be very nice if we could get a clear picture of what is taking place. But that is next to impossible!

As for labeling Ron a "wacko" ..... That is unnecessary.  Not that I always agree with what he puts forth but to show disrespect this way toward him could easily be reflected back to your own thoughts.  Nothing is to be gained except maybe anger!

I would hope that members here would be above that self image!

Grandadd Ladd 

A savvy governor that becomes aware that his "subjects" are beginning to see how badly they have been stolen from by those he has unleashed on them, even though he took an Oath To God to "Do What Is Best" for his Citizens, it would be human nature that he would begin adding layers of government to separate himself from what he has done. The state department that handles Oil & Gas would be taking orders directly from the governor, so a 2nd layer would be needed.

An Oil & Gas Commission would become the perfect scapegoat to blame when Justice comes a knocking at the state mansion door. If I were governor I would know better then to have broken my Oath To God, but since these governors chose $$$$ over their Souls, they need a Plan B.

As governor, I would find those in the "House" who were are unaware of the money being siphoned off of royalties by elected officials and place them in an Oil & Gas Commission, with full authority to take over the state Oil & Gas industry and thus the guilt of O&G Theft they have inherited unknowingly.

These folks would be eager to do their jobs until they discovered that the theft is Biblical and cannot be kept hidden. Not having committed corruption yet, they would step back and refuse to continue the scam they have uncovered. Most Adults have enough intuition to sense when they are being set up by those around and above them. Those who do evil subconsciously give them selves away. I have seen this several times in my life. The evil doer's words contradict themselves with time if You listen closely.

What these shale play governors didn't imagine was that the NSA has the Hammer Super Computer that has the evidence of EVERYTHING they have done which violates their oath of office.

The excuse that "Everyone Else Was Doing It" will not excuse these corrupt individuals from their crimes when they face a Military Tribunal not their pal judges.

During Our President Donald J. Trump's campaign for President, he told each US Citizen who was awake and listening that: I will end All Corruption from the highest level of Our Nation to those at the bottom, in so many words. That Promise will now be added to the list of "Promises Made, Promises Kept".

Like Musical Chairs, the music is about to stop, but there are no chairs for those who are corrupt, the NSA has pulled them.


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