Check this out, it does not seem that the wells in any part of the Utica are not going to be productive and a money maker.

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We need to take care of things right here at home in the USA first regardless of whatever happens elsewhere in the world if you ask me.

All certainly as it always is only IMHO.


I misunderstood what you said. I agree about the north. I'm hoping someday it will become what they are hoping for but that day isn't now. A lot are pulling out and I believe it is because of poor wells.

I think the oil is there and someday they will figure out how to pull it out of the ground and make them economically viable. Until fingers are crossed for you guys. I hope you get to feel what I just felt with the announcement of the stewart winland pad. My property is appx. 5 miles due east.


You write that you believe the wells in the north are 'poor wells'; that being the reason for a lot of O & G concerns pulling out of the area.

Those wells could be 'choked back' for any number of business related reasons.

I believe it's 'asset management' and 'market conditioning' occurring across the entire 'play'.

Gas and Oil interests set their own pace.  They don't give a hoot about anyone else's pace.

Once a landowner's Gas and Oil drilling / well development rights are leased or sold they become an asset for the lessees / owners to manage.

I take the publicized 'poor well' reasoning with tongue in cheek and numerous grains of salt myself.  Actually, in plainer language, I don't believe it.

Sounds like Big Moses all over again. Hope the best for you.

What's 'Big Moses' and applicable / similar how ?

JO, Big Moses was the biggest gas well in the 1890's in Tyler Co. WVa. on Indian Creek between Blue and Alvy.

Thanks Harry.

It is likely no coincidence that the wells drilled further North in Ohio have been disappointing.  The Utica is much thicker in Mahoning and Trumbull counties, and BP and Halcon had hoped this would offset the nonexistence of the Pt. Pleasant there.  So far they have been disappointed, Halcon so much so that they have abandoned their Ohio operations entirely.  Perhaps technology will be developed soon to maximize results in that area and Halcon will reappear.  Their leasehold is entirely HBP and unlikely to change in status anytime in the near future.  For now, they seem more interested in pursuing the TMS (Tuscaloosa Marine Shale).


Have you read of the oil window butane fracturing techniques occurring in the north by EV ?

I think you have but are just ignoring it for some unknown reason.

Also, I've read here on these pages that both HK and EV have purchased some of BP's wells / leasehold acreage in the northern tier - haven't you also ?

Joesph your buddy Mike has no idea what Hilcorp found in Lawrence and Mercer counties.LOL.

To clarify :

Earlier, just above, I wrote that EV was applying a butane fracturing technique 'in the north'.

I wrote that, since within a couple of PM exchanges I had with a good friend on GMS, we discussed his discovery of a new 80 acre lease involving a Horizontal well permit. 

The lease agreement also included a consideration for a 'pad'. 

The lease was arranged just recently and was for land 'in the north' (Trumbull County). 

At the time we also discussed the possibility of the well (when developed) as perhaps involving the butane fracturing technique.

Instead of citing the butane fracturing technique being applied by EV 'in the north' it would have been most accurate only to write it as occurring 'in the oil window'. 

Since I've learned that the EV butane fracturing 'in the oil window' is occurring in Tuscarawas County.

Looks like things ran together for me a little.

This reply corrects it to my best ability at this time.




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