They have their own major pipelines, their own cryogenics plant, their own port facility on the Ohio river.  The Gateway pipeline from Kenssington is to pipe their wet gas for Diluent to Canada;  they are drilling in more counties than anyone except CHK.  Hilcorp is surrounded by the Supermajors with no hostilities, they may even be financed by the Giants.  How will we know, they are private and say little, but their actions say much.  They own the NORTHERN UTICA and they have  everything in place right now and are showing thru their drilling program that they will develop their acreage, no matter how large.

Hilcorp is already back in Ohio with their 7 well pad on the PA/OH border, those laterals don't just stay in PA.  The pipeline into their acreage in eastern Mahoning is already surveyed.

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Can you link the site

Here it is Jacob - Even More Hilcorp Wells Set for Lawrence County, Pa.  Their activity does seem to hold some promise for the Northern region.

Today Hilcorp owns the Northern Utica.  With their recent 1.1 Billion cash infusion, they can probably drill the over 140,000 acres they have in the Northern Utica.

Sweet, great news for are area.


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