How Corruption is hidden by the Fake News by half truths and misinformation.

KDKA reported today that Our President Trump would make an appearance at the Shell Cracker Plant near Monaca, PA.

They went on to mislead the public by saying the Cracker Plant will produce plastic out of Natural Gas.

The Truth is that Ethane will be cracked using the heat source provided by Natural Gas to Crack Ethane into Plastics.

The reason the word Ethane can't be used is that PA has been told they only have Natural Gas, no Oil or Natural Gas Liquids that include Ethane as one of the constituent parts.

The World Class Volume of Ethane available in the Ohio Valley comes from the State of Ohio where these very expensive NGLs were taken without a Severance Tax, without a dime in NGL Royalties realized, and Ohio's Oil and Natural Gas Royalties were reduced by NGL Overinflated Processing fees, after the NGLs were sold at the Well head per the producer, effectively requiring All Ohio Citizens to pay Oil and Gas Producers for the theft of their NGLs.

To right this wrong, let me give a big "Hat's Off" to All Ohio Citizens who have patiently stood by in Wonder for the past 9 years and those who have made this injustice a way of life in the Buckeye State.

Know that there are actions in progress to correct this Biblical Theft. Soon my Friends, Soon.

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Someone is awake here.  Good for You Ralph, we keep winning and winning and winning and the Fake News US Citizens watch is owned by the Corporations that lie and would have enslaved us. 

Anyone other than President Trump would have had our heads on one of Traitor 44's 30,000 China bought Guillotines, with plenty of extra blades.  Now why would someone order that many devices with replacement blades? There was one for YOU who are reading this, are you mad yet? Are You awake yet? Better get right we may need help spreading the Real News.

One of those Gillotines is waiting for the Kenyan down at GITMO. When the time comes we will march him to the Guillotine then make a sharp turn to the Gallows and Rope. The Kenyan likes to die by head removal per his religion, so we will send him to Hell at the end of a Rope. Dead Again.  

Ron, sorry, you are full of crap on all this conspriacy stuff.

We are being scammed.  Since the earth spins and is actually flat, drilling only need to occur at the circumference to drain the fields. 

Keith, not sure if you monitor this site anymore, but you should get Ron Hale and Josie & Bob (Ron Hale's second account maybe?) out of here before your website turns into a forum for alt right and q anon psychos.

I couldn’t agree more with you G.H. They are educated way beyond their intelligence.

True, they make my head hurt.

Looks like we all will wait a long time before we see who the honest oil companies are

i hear Shell treats landowners fairly

Darrell,  If you click on my info for this website, You'll find links to the 12/21/17 Executive Order "Severe Human Rights Violations and Corruption" and the Military Tribunals Executive Order Updated 1/18 by Our President.

These two Executive Orders will remove all Corrupt and Child Traffickers and worse from among us.

Q, Our Military and Our President have been delaying opening the 110,000 Sealed Federal Indictments of which Ohio has 5,000 plus so that those who have been lulled to sleep by the Corporate owned and controlled Main Stream Media / Fake News will have a chance to wake up.

At this time we are at the point of diminishing returns since those asleep prefer to remain in that state and now Trump followers are being pushed away by reports of Gun Control just ahead.  It's time to Unseal and Round Up Our Nations Problems.

All of that to say, You are wrong about waiting for a long time before seeing an honest oil company. They will all be in the US Treasury and operated honestly.


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