How Corruption is hidden by the Fake News by half truths and misinformation.

KDKA reported today that Our President Trump would make an appearance at the Shell Cracker Plant near Monaca, PA.

They went on to mislead the public by saying the Cracker Plant will produce plastic out of Natural Gas.

The Truth is that Ethane will be cracked using the heat source provided by Natural Gas to Crack Ethane into Plastics.

The reason the word Ethane can't be used is that PA has been told they only have Natural Gas, no Oil or Natural Gas Liquids that include Ethane as one of the constituent parts.

The World Class Volume of Ethane available in the Ohio Valley comes from the State of Ohio where these very expensive NGLs were taken without a Severance Tax, without a dime in NGL Royalties realized, and Ohio's Oil and Natural Gas Royalties were reduced by NGL Overinflated Processing fees, after the NGLs were sold at the Well head per the producer, effectively requiring All Ohio Citizens to pay Oil and Gas Producers for the theft of their NGLs.

To right this wrong, let me give a big "Hat's Off" to All Ohio Citizens who have patiently stood by in Wonder for the past 9 years and those who have made this injustice a way of life in the Buckeye State.

Know that there are actions in progress to correct this Biblical Theft. Soon my Friends, Soon.

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Yeah, I laugh, but unfortunately someone who talks the way he does, and is illogical or stupid enough to believe the things he does really shouldn't own firearms... which he has suggested he does.  It's a scary world we live in.

Yes,  The virtual Kool Aid appears just as dangerous and it’s only a few clicks for the next drink.  The really scary thing is there is a lot of people out their with their head in the same pitcher.  I think it all started when the medical community said eggs were bad for us.  Folks started telling their docs they didn’t trust them and bring up eggs.  Today, the world over people don’t trust experts, governments, scientists, the educated or even their own neighbors but many will put their total trust in a single politician and whackos with a YouTube podcast.  We are hollowing out NOAA, USDA, EPA, R&D etc. and picking winners and losers with tariffs and subsidies the way communist nations do, all while sounding the future communist alarm.  When a big event does happen everyone will be asking what happened to all the folks trained in this field.  They are being fired as if they are the “swamp” as the swamp only gets murkier.  There is a lot of scary out there but an equal amount of good.

Good Luck to us All

To Dan

The problem is that many of us grew up to be church goers.  And many of us believe everything that is written  in "THE GOOD BOOK"!  But if you really understand what is being said, I think that  any thought a person could have either pro or con might just be proven to be correct if you just look closely enough.

None of us really know what is going to take place. All we can really do is to hope for the best and  express our opinion!

Granddad Ladd

Granddad Ladd,   

I agree but I also believe where you are looking is where you are heading.  And....just because something is unreal doesn’t mean that it is not real to some folks.  What ever anyone thinks real or not you can pretend to verify your beliefs with a whole community of other people with social media today.  Not very empirical though.   I will say the earth is round because I have traveled by plane and ship and it seems to match past knowledge.  I can’t say the earth is hollow or not because I haven’t traveled to the North Pole or have the knowledge or equipment to determine it isn't, so I won’t call out “Hollow Earther’s” as being wrong but I will say “Flat Earther’s“ are wrong and a lot of the BS posted lately here on GMS is not true and at the very least has nothing to do with O&G interests.  There are plenty of rip off and conspiracy forums for that stuff.  All the crazy crap is scaring folks away from posting and replying to  pertinent discussions.  “THE GOOD BOOK!” Is used by many to prop up their “BAD” BS.  A person saying their BS is from God doesn’t make it so.  There are other forums for religion too.  That is my opinion.  

AMEN.  The amount of errors and lack of understanding is rather amazing.  I've never seen  anything like this in an O&G blog before 

Good morning Dan,

Possibly you have been misled by my posting. Let me clarify. As a little kid my mother took me to church services. It was a huge church. Here I was a little boy surrounded by many many large people. Someone was telling about  hell fire and other such painful sufferings. Next thing I knew a huge pipe organ blasted out and everyone stood up and started singing....mostly a ear splitting noise!

Being a little boy of maybe 4 or 5 years old, this experience was TOO much! I wanted nothing more to do with  anything having to do with religion.

But then this little boy grew up and learned do "HIS OWN THINKING"!   And not just taking anybody's  words as absolute truth!

Thinking negative thoughts seems to bring out a much bigger negative experience.  On the other hand, thinking POSITIVE THOUGHTS brings out bigger and more satisfying experience and results! 

I think you and I are pretty much on the same "Page" in our opinion's.

Constantly Shifting and grating gears and reversing,      ( A TONGUE IN CHEEK COMMENT),   a vehicle can only tear apart an otherwise good car

Have a great day

Granddad Ladd

Yes.  You too Sir!

Good morning OLD TIMER!  

I was afraid you were gone for good since I could not find any of your postings!  Normally I do not get into religious beliefs or political discussions. It is a bit dangerous to even quote what might be said or posted.  Angry words  can often spill out  of an otherwise intelligent person and destroy his chance to have any kind of positive influence!

my main interest is what are the plans for Westfield Township and Flat Castle?   

Granddad Ladd

Totally understood my friend!  Usually what happens is such a person often gets careless and unknowingly sticks a foot in his mouth. 

Hang in there OLD TIMER!

Granddad Ladd

We are hoping Tilden gets some good wells here in Gaines.

Tioga land prices still pricey ..... Seems unrealistic ....

Are there enough pipes to get gas to market?


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