How Corruption is hidden by the Fake News by half truths and misinformation.

KDKA reported today that Our President Trump would make an appearance at the Shell Cracker Plant near Monaca, PA.

They went on to mislead the public by saying the Cracker Plant will produce plastic out of Natural Gas.

The Truth is that Ethane will be cracked using the heat source provided by Natural Gas to Crack Ethane into Plastics.

The reason the word Ethane can't be used is that PA has been told they only have Natural Gas, no Oil or Natural Gas Liquids that include Ethane as one of the constituent parts.

The World Class Volume of Ethane available in the Ohio Valley comes from the State of Ohio where these very expensive NGLs were taken without a Severance Tax, without a dime in NGL Royalties realized, and Ohio's Oil and Natural Gas Royalties were reduced by NGL Overinflated Processing fees, after the NGLs were sold at the Well head per the producer, effectively requiring All Ohio Citizens to pay Oil and Gas Producers for the theft of their NGLs.

To right this wrong, let me give a big "Hat's Off" to All Ohio Citizens who have patiently stood by in Wonder for the past 9 years and those who have made this injustice a way of life in the Buckeye State.

Know that there are actions in progress to correct this Biblical Theft. Soon my Friends, Soon.

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I think if Trump has done anything, it was to cause much strife and added "fake News"  of his own



I've been getting royalties for Ethane from wells that were drilled about six years ago here in Butler County, Pa. Ethane and condensate payments from the start. I think the reported news was a generalized summary of the cracker process. Lew  


    It wouldn't take any additional effort to say Ethane is being cracked into Plastics.

Natural Gas is methane with Ethane added to some maximum value.

You are the first PA resident that has told me there is anything other than Methane.  It's good to hear that some know the Truth and have NGLs on their royalty statement, but I'm sure the producer has figured out a way not to pay a fair royalty due to Excessive Processing Fees. 

It has been a Long Standing National Tradition of O&G Producers to short change Landowners.  And so the Dumb Farmer was born in back rooms when O&G folks were talking about their plans to take it all and give a very little to those who actually owned the well products.

I know the History and have heard first hand from US Landowners who have had to put up with being stolen from. There has been no one to stop the theft until now.  Corruption will soon end in the US including in the O&G area.


 I have a no deductions type of lease and it's been that way from the start so nothing taken out.. Lew

Do a quick check to see how close your Royalty Payments are to Your lease Royalty %:

$13,000,000 x Your Acres / Unit Acres x Your Royalty in a decimal fraction (12% = 0.12).

You are the only Landowner that I know of that has been paid the Royalty in their lease. You are a Rare Landowner for sure.

Congratulations and thank the Lord for his blessings to You.

How about a loan (just kidding). You have to be loaded. My $150 for 4 Wells and 27 cents for 25% Production from those wells isn't making the grade.  I'm stocking up on popcorn for when the Military Tribunals are in Progress and being Televised. 

I have a problem with those who would conduct fraud against US Landowners, present company not included. .

I have no deductions either. Of course the last few royalty payments were disappointing but still welcomed

Granddad Ladd

Pres Trump has created MORE jobs , for all Americans ..........,

President Trump has defunded the New World Order Regions of the US and with the Alliance the NWO will be crushed. They were so close to depopulating the US, they only need our guns which is why there is constant attack on the 2nd Amendment by  Demoncrats in hopes of removing our guns so the UN (army of satan) can have their way with us.

The False Flag Events are in full swing to allow governors of each state to whittle down the 2nd Amendment.

Without Our President Trump, one of the Globalist puppets would have sold us out (hilary to be specific) as was done in New  Zealand where the Tranny Prime Minister was installed by the NWO as was done in Canada (boy trudeau), UK (t. may), Germany (a merkle), France (MICRON) an other Western Countries.

Anyone can do the research and see the obvious Open Borders, Climate Change, One World Government (EU Style Unelected Tyrants) and soon to be One World Religion using pope francis's god which is Satan. It has all been planned and We in the US will Undo this plan with the Alliance of Nations.

Have a hardy laugh on me, then do your homework, the evidence is everywhere but those who are asleep won't take the time to question the Main Stream Media whose leaders will hang at GITMO. That should wake a few folks up that something isn't right, and it is not US Patriots, US Military, Q and Our President.

I agree with you Ron. You can see Obama;s  war on law enforcement and how that's working out. If it wasn't for Trump we would have lost our 1st and 2h amendment rights by now. Do you people really think that you would own the mineral rights to your land?  The Socialist would have confiscated your guns, and your mineral rights. People better wake up. 

Encino missed the Memo that all Corruption would end. They thought the New World Order was taking over which would explain why they have ignored all Laws by collecting the last bit of the 1% Royalty Chesapeake gave us as a token payment.

Having the Money Mafia own them will give them no protection. There is a New Sheriff in Town. If You think not, You will get the surprise of Your life soon enough. Crow for a week.

Betty in TX and her comrads in Ohio will be out of a job, and hopefully Betty will make the Corruption List. If she is overlooked and doesn't get free air fare to GITMO all we will have to do is send the DOJ in Washington a short note or email. They will come pick her up. The Military loves locking up evil doers.

This may be a repeat, since I thought I replied to Your post yesterday Corvette.

If hillary had won, there was a Nuclear War planned and the CIA turned North Korea and Iran into Rogue Nations for the purpose of starting a War.

Traitor 44 had plans to take Our guns then take Our Heads. I investigated this on You Tube before the Guillotines were removed from You Tube. The Truckers videoed their load of Guillotines in order to spread the word that something was up. 30,000 Guillotines with extra blades, that We The People paid for. Georgia changed their laws to allow death by Guillotine. Agenda 21 and US Maps of Agenda 21 are still on the internet if You do a search for them.

It was going to be worse than having your mineral rights stolen, they were going to take the life of every US Citizen.

Ron, I have also done a lot of research. The guillotines  that you speak of are real. Bozo  wanted America to be a 3rd world  muslim  nation and anyone who disagreed would be rounded up and dealt with. That's why Mark Meadows keeps saying when the truth comes out it will shock the nation.  If the Socialist can disarm us  we are done. I only hope there are enough good men left to bring Bozo and Clinton to justice. Does anyone here really believe Epstien killed himself ? The man knew too much.


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