1) Greed & Ignorance 

One way Encino has destroyed the Ohio 4 County area royalties is by increasing the Chesapeake RICO theft by by 90% to 100%. I've talked to Landowners who are now receiving No Royalties due to OVER PAYMENT.

At this point in time, You folks at Encino need to use Chesapeake's records and pay what they were paying the month before they cut that number in half or take option #2 Go On Vacation or take Sick Time. 

Option #2: Personally, I would clean out my desk in the Houston Office and call in permanently sick or permanently on vacation and hope the Military doesn't come looking for You at Your residence. Signs now indicate the Round Up per the Corruption Executive Order is soon to begin. You would have to be crazy to continue this theft knowing what I have told You in previous posts.Only trying to help.


Another way Encino has destroyed the Ohio 4 County area royalties is by not using product code 100 - Oil, which is the Oil being carried from each Well Pad by full 200 barrel Tanker Trucks and the SECRET OIL in the pipelines from each Well that arrives at the Kensington Plant.

Remember that in Ohio a Tanker Truck is not allowed on a Well Pad unless 200 barrels of Oil (NOT DRIP) is available for pick up. Those huge volumes will be missing from EVERY Landowners Royalty Statement(s) that in the past showed up as Oil Pick ups at the Well Pad with the volumes HUGELY/BIGLY under reported as 15 barrels and less. I've seen -3 Barrels on my Royalty Statement which means the Well is taking oil from the pipelines which is an impossibility.

Oil arriving by pipeline to the Kensington Plant has been ignored on the Royalty Statements and not a drop has been reported to the ODNR as Oil Volumes produced. BUSTED!!! The ODNR knows.

This Pipeline Oil has always been free oil, since no one has been watching. This Oil separated at the Kensington Plant is shipped to the Marathon Plant in Canton by Tanker Trucks carrying 200 barrels per Truck, documented by Trip Ticket Table  that is produced each month of production.

I believe the Ohio Landowners should put some of their own cash together (since there is no Big 1% Royalty Money left) and buy a Good Will Offering for those Encino & Chesapeake ex-employees who are housed at GITMO, by purchasing a Pallet of Soap On A Rope to send to those who have abused us for longer than we care to remember. Wearing the soap around Your neck helps Bigly when in a public shower. No dropsies!

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Looking forward with interest to the upcoming lawsuits.  Will be interesting to see where it leads,

Is your soap on a rope knowledge from first hand experience? You’ve been quiet lately Ron...everything alright?

Do you have an audit clause in your lease? If so, get off the soap box and take matters into your own hands by pursuing an audit of your royalty payment history.

Jeffrey, I didn't read the whole case, but he took Chesapeake to court over royalty payments. Appears he lost based on the case I found in a quick google search of "Ron Hale Chesapeake". If in-fact they paid him wrong I would be upset too, but it seems like that wasn't the case as it was in court over the years. Now he just talks about a Q and a bunch of conspiracy theories every, single, day. 

See link below:



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