If fracking fluids are found to be the cause of the illnesses at LeRoy High School, would you change your position on fracking?


The symptoms the children at LeRoy High School in LeRoy New York are suffering from are very similar to the neurological symptoms shown in the movie "Split Estate".   The movie documents what citizens in Rocky Mountain States have been living with for years, primarily in the towns of Dish Texas and Denton Texas.

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good post. we may be the largest users, but the return from a free society in inovation and discovery's , like new medicines, more than make up for our consumption. the donations of money from americans in the tsunami crisis where 180000 lost their lives, dwarfed the rest of the world governments.your comment about wood being cut and sent to the cities is interesting. that is exactly what stalin's gulags did. read 'coming out of the ice'  for a look at henry fords adventure into stalin's russia, and the americans that followed him in the late 20's early 30's.

Hey Brian we aren't all bad in NY. But I agree, too many on the left side of the aisle. And yes I want as much natural gas as possible to heat my home, especially tonight.

I want wind, solar, and geothermal HVAC in my backyard. 

Is someone stopping you from doing that? If you can afford it, put it in.

Those fledgling industries receive less than 1% of the subsidies that the oil and gas industries do.   If they were subsidized on par with fossil fuels I would be able to afford them.


Well look at that: tax subsidies for all fossil fuels were only 15% of all federal subsidies for energy.  The Green alternatives of renewables and "efficiency" took 78% of all tax subsidies for energy.  Big Oil has so much influence on Capitol Hill that our government subsidizes its competitors five times more.  Fossil fuels provide 77% of our nation's energy yet receive just 15% of the federal government's tax subsidies.

"Alcohol fuels," which include ethanol, took $6.1B of tax subsidies, or more than twice as much as oil, gas, and coal combined.


He He!  It's a pie chart...I'm sure they will want their fair share of the pie!!

The explosion of energy subsidies seemed to coincide rather neatly with Democrats taking over both the House and Senate in 2007, and then the presidency in 2009.  (That darned Reagan cut subsidies for fossil fuels to nothing.  In Reagan's last year, the small amount of tax subsidies for energy was all going to renewables.)

You know who else likes subsidizing alternative energy?  George Soros.  He wrote this in January 2009:

The American consumer can no longer act as the motor of the global economy. Alternative energy and developments that produce energy savings could serve as a new motor, but only if the price of conventional fuels is kept high enough to justify investing in those activities. That would involve putting a floor under the price of fossil fuels by imposing a price on carbon emissions and import duties on oil to keep the domestic price above, say, $70 per barrel.

Somehow, George got his wish for high fuel prices even without a Copenhagen-like global Cap & Trade system.  When he wrote that, oil was only about $40 per barrel.  Just one year later, it was consistently over $70 per barrel, George's magic threshold -- as if delivered as a Christmas gift.  And this year it's been about $100 per barrel.  Good times: a 150% increase in crude oil prices in the three years since George Soros called for higher fuel prices, perfectly coinciding with the three years of Obama's presidency.

You know who else pushes alternative energy sources really hard?  The Communist Party USA:

We could begin with an immediate carbon tax that would penalize those with the largest carbon footprint - big corporations - while also making a case for the elimination of coal production and expansion of alternative energy sources.

And who else?  Presidential candidate Barack Obama said this in 2008 (via Jake Tapper at ABC):

So if somebody wants to build a coal-powered plant, they can. It's just that it will bankrupt them because they're going to be charged a huge sum for all that greenhouse gas that's being emitted. That will also generate billions of dollars that we can invest in solar, wind, biodiesel, and other alternative energy approaches.

Pretty wild coincidence, huh?  Barack Obama, George Soros, and the Communist Party all pushing the same energy policies.

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So you admit they are not economically viable alternatives?


"The thing about data is that if you pick and choose, it can say exactly what you want it to. The Heritage Foundation did just that when they took a recently released CBO report and claimed that the tax code no longer favors fossil fuels."  http://www.policyshop.net/home/2012/3/8/what-the-cbo-report-really-...

To quote the policy shop's conclusion: "What I really don’t get is this: conservatives take a strange amount of glee is denouncing green energy but a successful renewable energy sector will only benefit our economy through good jobs and helping wean us off of foreign oil. And regardless of politics, the fact remains that fossil fuels are finite and will eventually run out. What will we do then? To deal with that reality, technology must be developed and commercialized before we run out of energy. What’s not to get?"


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