Hello all,
I was just wondering if anyone has or is sitting on a lease from ILG. Were being offerd 3,000 + 15%. I know there has been several others offerd this and maybe sitting on this. My question is does anyone know anything about this company? Looked on the web for any testamonials about this company, and are they offering anymore to anyone else. Were located five miles east on sr.556 towards clairington. Any info would be appreciated.

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WOW I just got my release from ILG  after 8 mo. Now I can look for a good deal like that again ! but this time I will bring my vasaline .

in regards to the upfront money some of our neighbor's were paid cash money up front when they signed their lease by the landman they were dealing with. i don't know how much that was  but my neighbor told me they were given cash when they signed.

ronnie milosavljevic filed charges aginst ILG  GO GET EM RON


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