Well we finished up with the maneuvers of BP in Trumbull and after we on GMS studied our sources and leaked information. Our information turned out to be correct as the local business magazines produced verification of what we on GMS already digested; even though the BP strategy is still uncertain.

Now we have information coming in from Columbiana.  We know that since Easter, an industry brokerage has opened up Columbiana to leasing as a clean up phase.  Most of the gathering pipelines have hooked up wells and Columbiana's cryogenics plant is humming along.  The trunkline connecting two cryogenics plants are on schedule so Columbiana is now ready for production supplying the new infrastructure.  As can be seen by Hilcorp in the north aggressively drilling since there cryo is going online and the pipelines are snaking forward, Columbiana has been at a standstill.......or has it?

Today, my sources tell me after being in Texas for a week, that Independent drillers are coming into Columbiana to begin widespread drilling.  That's right folks, CHK, seemed to run out of gas in Columbiana and we heard CHK was in discussions.  I guess the outcome is that we are going to see units thrown together and those new pipelines hooking more wells up.  This is Great news!

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What sort of explanation are you looking for, in regards to the picture?  It's a drilling site, complete with what looks like a fairly massive frac pond.  Pretty typical.

Thank you. Yes that was exactly what I was looking for. I am fairly new at this. Trying to learn what is what. 

There's a lot to learn.  Keep asking questions, people here are always happy to answer them.

Not a drilling site, just a water holding pond.


Hopeful Person,

The facility you have pictured is the fresh water holding pond on the Amato property. CHK used that facility to hold water from Beaver Creek when they Hydraulically Fractured the Rosebud well off of SR 45 just south of West Point Ohio. I believe that picture was taken during the water withdraw phase as you can see the pipe running off in an easterly direction toward the Rosebud well. You can also see the pumps pulling water from that pond.

Nothing to get all worked up about. They have not used that pond since.

Keith Williams

The oil pad is water pad only,it is to small to drill on. looks to be for the 3 water pumps that are there. they were fracking a well 1.5 miles to the east of this pond when google earth took picture.

Same thing Keith Williams said, just seen it. lol.

What distance from a active pad does your property need to be to possibly get in the money?
Doc, I'm now beginning to believe that the northern utica is the sweet spot. Why else would the industry go out of the way to keep positive info from the community.
Yes doc follow the money.

The "money" is flowing into Guernsey/Noble counties.Housing,pipelines,Regional offices,mineral rights/royalty purchasing, compressor stations.

It's all a smokescreen, Bo.  It's all one elaborate ruse built to scam people in Trumbull County out of their mineral rights.  Didn't you know that?


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