Well we finished up with the maneuvers of BP in Trumbull and after we on GMS studied our sources and leaked information. Our information turned out to be correct as the local business magazines produced verification of what we on GMS already digested; even though the BP strategy is still uncertain.

Now we have information coming in from Columbiana.  We know that since Easter, an industry brokerage has opened up Columbiana to leasing as a clean up phase.  Most of the gathering pipelines have hooked up wells and Columbiana's cryogenics plant is humming along.  The trunkline connecting two cryogenics plants are on schedule so Columbiana is now ready for production supplying the new infrastructure.  As can be seen by Hilcorp in the north aggressively drilling since there cryo is going online and the pipelines are snaking forward, Columbiana has been at a standstill.......or has it?

Today, my sources tell me after being in Texas for a week, that Independent drillers are coming into Columbiana to begin widespread drilling.  That's right folks, CHK, seemed to run out of gas in Columbiana and we heard CHK was in discussions.  I guess the outcome is that we are going to see units thrown together and those new pipelines hooking more wells up.  This is Great news!

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I am still around. I just stay away from any posts that have anything to do with Ron. If you add a comment he doesn't agree with he attacks you personally and engages in character assassination.

The loudest in the room is always the weakest...


I too have been staying away from all things "RON". I will not get in the swamp with the alligators. Thinking it may be time for our host to drain the swamp!


Keith Williams

Then you just should stay off my post. Welcome back mcgrail, fang, barry.

I fully agree with Michelle. I hate all this mudslinging, name calling and smart remarks to make someone look like they're stupid. The oil & gas companies have been very secretive regarding their actions since this all started. They haven't changed...we are still getting very little info. Maybe Ron is too???? I am sure hoping that Columbiana County will be drilled sooner rather than later!! We haven't been told we are not good enough for drilling, however, they haven't done much in Western Columbiana County. Aryview Acres (spelling??) wells were said to be good wells and they are a mile from me and I live practically on the line of Columbiana & Stark, so there is some wet gas close to some imaginary line some of these people are drawing. There were also new leases listed for Columbiana County in the most recent oil & gas magazines, so some driller thought we had something worth while. I have someone that I can talk to that is with Columbia Gas/Nisource and they say.....the drillers will be back, not sure when, but they will be. No stone will be left unturned.


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