Well we finished up with the maneuvers of BP in Trumbull and after we on GMS studied our sources and leaked information. Our information turned out to be correct as the local business magazines produced verification of what we on GMS already digested; even though the BP strategy is still uncertain.

Now we have information coming in from Columbiana.  We know that since Easter, an industry brokerage has opened up Columbiana to leasing as a clean up phase.  Most of the gathering pipelines have hooked up wells and Columbiana's cryogenics plant is humming along.  The trunkline connecting two cryogenics plants are on schedule so Columbiana is now ready for production supplying the new infrastructure.  As can be seen by Hilcorp in the north aggressively drilling since there cryo is going online and the pipelines are snaking forward, Columbiana has been at a standstill.......or has it?

Today, my sources tell me after being in Texas for a week, that Independent drillers are coming into Columbiana to begin widespread drilling.  That's right folks, CHK, seemed to run out of gas in Columbiana and we heard CHK was in discussions.  I guess the outcome is that we are going to see units thrown together and those new pipelines hooking more wells up.  This is Great news!

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Like Lawrence in PA, Columbiana is very quiet.  I guess everyone is crossing their fingers.

Hey Ron,
Tell us more about these independent drillers moving into Columbiana County.
My property is in Hancock County across the river and I'm hoping CHK sells the whole county.
So why then does Southern Lawrence County stay in a slumber? Time tics on as Shell sleeps......
Or is the deafening silence here a good thing.....
Trap, all I know right now is investment and meetings in texas say something big in columbiana is about to happen.
Sound good! Hope it spreads East and engulfs Beaver and Lawrence. Thanks Ron.

Trap, read the Columbiana group post on the Dye well.  Dye's namesake devulged oil and only 25% ability on the pipeline currently.

To be fair Lawrence county is still a few decades behind the rest of the country in everything else, so this shouldn't be surprising.

I sold the property where the Middletown Road/Stateline Road New Middletown cryogenic plant has been constructed. Is is connected to pipeline and active yet?  Still own the mineral rights under the farm (97 acres) leased it years ago to Chesapeake with no bonus at the time. Just curious if any action at the southern tip of Mahoning County, very close to the Columbiana County line and across the street from PA, if any action in that area predicted.  Our lease and auto renewals end in about 18 months.  We gave up surface rights.

They are running a twelve (12) inch line from the plant on Stateline Road to the plant in Kensington.  They are still working on burying the pipeline. It is in the ground from Stateline Road to SR45 next to Csonka's Sports Complex.  From there it cuts behind the neighboring house and crosses Hunters Camp Road and heads south through farmer's fields and comes out at the entrance to the Northern Ohio Christian Youth Camp (NOCYC) and crosses Logtown road.  It keeps heading South-West crossing SR172 makes its way through more fields and crosses Depot Road just north of the Depot Rd/US30 intersection. The pipeline then goes behind the house on the northwest corner of Depot/US30, crosses US30, and runs alongside the parking lot of the Friends Church.  They should post some signs along the pipeline route when they start doing the pressure testing.

Thanks Alan! Will be interesting to see if they drill in that area. Several Chesapeake leases expire early 2016. Hilcorp also leased land. It maybe too close to the Poland quake zone....

This pipeline continues under Trinity Church ... it was pushed under the road and the creek so you can not see work there just markings on the road.   I believe at least one home there will be abandoned permanently because of the distance from the pipeline.  It is a trailer home and is empty now but did have someone living there so I am assuming it was purchased from them. The pipeline appears to run under or right next to the home but difficult to see since it was pushed just basing this on the markings on the road.   By the Crosser well another mobile home was vacated (it was actually moved off the property) once that pipeline was put into production.  It was 50 feet or less from the pipeline.  The pipeline continues down the south side of 30 to Kensington crossing Dungannon where there is currently work being done on two separate pipelines ... one to gather the wells in that area and this one.


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