Well we finished up with the maneuvers of BP in Trumbull and after we on GMS studied our sources and leaked information. Our information turned out to be correct as the local business magazines produced verification of what we on GMS already digested; even though the BP strategy is still uncertain.

Now we have information coming in from Columbiana.  We know that since Easter, an industry brokerage has opened up Columbiana to leasing as a clean up phase.  Most of the gathering pipelines have hooked up wells and Columbiana's cryogenics plant is humming along.  The trunkline connecting two cryogenics plants are on schedule so Columbiana is now ready for production supplying the new infrastructure.  As can be seen by Hilcorp in the north aggressively drilling since there cryo is going online and the pipelines are snaking forward, Columbiana has been at a standstill.......or has it?

Today, my sources tell me after being in Texas for a week, that Independent drillers are coming into Columbiana to begin widespread drilling.  That's right folks, CHK, seemed to run out of gas in Columbiana and we heard CHK was in discussions.  I guess the outcome is that we are going to see units thrown together and those new pipelines hooking more wells up.  This is Great news!

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For anyone that has not checked, you can see if your lease is sold long before CHK notifies you.


Good site to watch leasing.

The pipeline Hilcorp, actually Access Midstream is building in Columbiana County has NOTHING to do with Hilcorp drilling wells in Columbiana County. NOTHING! This is not factual information. It is illogical and makes absolutely no sense at all. NONE! The pipeline being consructed from the New Middleton cryogenic plant is carrying NGLS and will connect to a pipe line from the Kensington cryogenic plant which is carrying NGLS to Scio Harrison Fractionation facility. This pipeline will never be used to gather production from a well drilled by hilcorp or anyone else. Why would you spend money separating out the dry gas from the ngls only to mix wet gas back into the ngls so that it would need processed again. If hilcorp ever drills another well in Columbiana county there is one right now so I have my doubts, they will construct gathering pipelines and I assume they will carry wet gas back to New Middletown plant since they are part owner for processing.

Ron what are your credentials and where are you getting your information if you dont mind me asking? You certainly have asked many others that on here. Your information is misleading, secretive, and from what I have read for your own personal gain. Frequently you have simply repeated what others have posted as your own then claim you said it here first.

Thank you James. I doubt Ron will respond with credentials. I thought Ron let his hope and dreams sway what he thinks about the north. I hope he doesn't have some sneaky agenda but I have wondered. From all the posts. I have wondered if he made a bad investment up north.

If you read some of the early information. He states that they are misleading people about the south to drive prices down in the north.

Read the art of war and apply it to his posts.
Ron has no idea what he's talking about. He tries desperately to churn up interest in the north to promote his own interests. Sad how he has turned this site into a propaganda fueled circus show. It used to be great source of info...
It is sad. Most of us are landowners and are not able to move our land. It doesn't matter were the sweet spot is unless it is under my land. I joined to learn. Not to argue who has the best spot.

You sound like Golda Meyer (former prime minister of Israel):  Moses wandered for 40 years in the desert and settled on the only place in the Middle East with no oil.


I think you have nailed it !  

Big loans with Columbiana County leases as collateral is telling. A common oil and gas industry practice which likely will be followed by drilling with production to offset them.

We now know of the huge Cargyle Group loan, plus another big one by CHK Total, LLC  from Deutschebank using Col Co collateral.

Will Mahoning and Trumbull counties follow Columbiana Drilling?

Wondering the same about Lawrence and Beaver Counties bordering to the East. IMO this is even more evidence that the crackers are coming to town! PA and WV!

Yes my lease is part of that collateral loan. hopfully it means big times are to come here!

Could someone please explain the picture i have attached as a Jpeg?. It appears to be a drilling pad. It is located on McCormick Run Rd. Im not sure. Also There are some links below that would suggest heavy activity about to happen in Columbiana County. Hilcorp, Chase Bank, and Carlyle Energy Development recorded a mortgage on 7/24 for 1.4 billion dollars. The concentration of the leases collateralized were in Salem, Knox, Center and Elkrun. This is fairly significant due to the fact geological proof had to be given to Chase in order to approve the Mortgage.  


(1)   Open the above ccclerk link. 

(2)   Copy and then paste this name in the search column: Carlyle Energy Development

(3)   Click Search

(4)   Look in the lower right corner of the four lines of search results to see “256 pages”

(5)   Click on that entry

(6)   You have now opened a recorded 256 page $1.4 Billion mortgage agreement dated July 26, 2014 recorded in Columbiana County, OH



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