Does anyone have an update on the Marchand Unit in North Mahoning Township.  One unit is producing and four additional permits are on the books.

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Thats a good sign for Central PA if XTO's well is putting out 14MMCF/day.

Freestar -  what would you consider an minimum volume per day to be economically feasible?   What do you think is going on at the Marchand well?   XTO has several more Utica well permits at the Winslow pad.

These Utica wells are awfully expensive so you need i/p's above 5-6 Mmf/d to continue exploring. Ultimately wells are judged on EUR but its a good sign that a well is generating that in an area with a history of marginal wells.

I don't really know what other areas XTO operates in PA so maybe they will get pretty aggressive in central PA.

Which county will see drilling activity for either Marcellus & Utica gas begin sooner, Armstrong or Indiana County, and why?   What will drive that activity?   Pipelines, better gas prospects or what?

Thanks Old Timer,  I think both counties were drilled early on for MS and more recently for Utica in Indiana County.   I agree there have been changes in newer completion designs and most importantly, I think, longer laterals.   Most of those early wells were in 3-4,000' lateral lengths.  More recent ones have been drilled to 6-8,000'.   That difference in lateral length alone would impact the published production reports.   I don`t think these two counties will ever approach the production results from SW PA & NE PA.   I also think infrastructure is still an issue in these two counties.   Armstrong seems to have more pipelines thanks to EQT.   Following the DTI pipeline across Jefferson & Armstrong counties provides the most immediate take-away capacity option.   Indiana is limited, particularly in the central area.   Is this going to be a chicken & egg situation?  Will drilling or new pipelines have to happen first?

Is it all just a matter of economics then? Maybe not such a good comment, huh! The low hanging fruit scenario that we hear so much about. What if the core areas are drilled out and NG prices remain low, will the marginal areas still see drilling at the lower prices? OT where is your home turf?

Anyone have any news about the future of the Marchand pad?   

CNX has a new well permit application with the DEP for the Marchand pad.   Is it for a Marcellus or Utica well?  

Any news here?

Any updates here for the Marchand pad and surrounding area?


The Marchand well is flowing a consistent 5 MMcfd+ on obviously restricted choke for several months now.

I do not know what CNX is up to, but you may want to know that XTO (Exxon), Chevron, Huntley & Huntley,  and CNX have taken out a flurry  of new permits (couple of dozen) starting late 2017 and running up to latter part of 2018 all targeting Utica/Point Pleasant in Jefferson, Indiana, and Westmorland counties.

XTO has a modestly successful Utica on the Winslow pad and, seemingly, other operators are ready to take the plunge.

CNX's Aikens 6M well is particularly noteworthy as it is at the 8.7 Bcf level of output in one year's time ... still flowing 21/23 MMcfd.

It is becoming clear that the Deep Utica and Point Pleasant formations will be productive heading out your way, but the precise extent is still a work in progress.

CNX said that their Deep Utica well costs are approaching the $12 million dollar goal which will go a long way to enticing operators to continue  their drilling in your area.

Good luck.

Thanks for your reply Coffeeguyzz.   I try to follow the activity throughout the Central PA region with particular interest in  Westmoreland County around the Beaver Run Reservoir area, Armstrong County, Indiana County and Southern Jefferson County.  I believe the Marchand Utica well may be showing low gas flow as throttled by pipeline constraints and choking too.   CNX has applied for a new pad permit for their Trade City 5D site.   I suspect this pad will have Utica wells drilled on it.   A new well permit has been applied for the Marchand pad and I suspect it too to be for another Utica well.  XTO has many permits for Utica wells in Northern Indiana & Southern Jefferson County.    What`s holding them back from drilling those wells?  CNX has shown interest in their Sub-Indiana pad near Homer City.   Will they drill Utica wells on this pad, too?   I`m looking forward to the day we will see new activity and once again experience the excitement of growth in our area.   Best wishes wherever your home range is located! 

Infinity Natural Resources, LLC, et al, has acquired the Marcellus & Utica Shale Exploration rights from Dominion Energy Transmission within their South Bend Gas Storage Field located in southern Armstrong & Indiana Counties. Memorandum of Agreements are recorded in both Armstrong & Indiana County Deed Records. Infinity has recorded other Memorandum Of Agreements for various other leasehold rights they have acquired over the past several months.


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