Does anyone have an update on the Marchand Unit in North Mahoning Township.  One unit is producing and four additional permits are on the books.

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SK - what is your assessment now of the Marchand well?   Is it a bust or has CNX learned useful information for future wells in the area?

SK - what is your assessment of the Marchand well now?   Was it a bad well or a bad well from an engineering error?

Spikes Kin & others, we had a great discussion about the Marchand Utica & Westmoreland Beaver Run Reservoir wells back in late 2018 into 2019.   How do everyone think about these wells now after 3+ years have gone by?  Will CNX go back to the Marchand pad for additional wells?  What really happened with the Marchand well?

 Any news about this well?  Has it gone into production?   Is it still being flared?

Production checks for the Utica/Marchand are being issued to royalty owners during May, 2018

Once the well has first sales it can take as long as 6 months to receive your first check depending on the operator. Only way checks are coming in a few weeks is if division orders have been received and the well has been producing at least since March. As far as I can tell they still haven't released gas into the lines but I guess Rob knows more than anyone else.
Anyone know what the future plans are for the pipeline ROW? Is the well still being flared?

The well was still being flared this morning.   Any news what will happen later with well?

Looks like XTO has pulled the plug on nearby Utica wells.  Have they been influenced by the Marchand well results?

what are you seeing to indicate or suggest that XTO has pulled the plug on nearby Utica pads

Drive by the site where the CM Smith pad was to be located.  The pad sign and access road ribbons & flags are gone.   Have I misinterpreted this change in the appearance for this pad?

DEP production report is available for March. 

The Marchand 3MHSUT Utica well produced 57,424 Mcf in 14 days.  How does this look?

     At 57,424 Mcf for 14 days (Equivalent to 127,153 Mcf / 31 days) on 172 Acre, Single Lateral - Seems quite good. Let's wait for CNX to report their excitement.....$15 Mil Gross/year - before costs. Most acreage in the area is 12.5% HBP, therefore the cost side to CNX is nominal

Rob - I like your way of thinking!  The April report will provide a full month of production record.  What would this number had been if so much flaring off of gas didn`t happen?   Would CNX add that number to this production number to obtain a more accurate total production volume?   Just for comparison:  the Aiken wells both recorded in excess of 600,000 Mcf for the month of March.   The Richhill well identified in the CNX 1Q report (RHL11EHSU in Greene County) produced 223,403 Mcf in February and 497,470 in March.  Notice the large increase in Mcf from the initial month of operation to the second month.  Should the Marchand well be compared to these wells?  If not, why?


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