I know of at least 6 dwellings/buildings that are experiencing a constant, sometimes heavier at times, vibration in their homes.  These dwellings are located within 800 yds. of the Red Hill Farms well on Rt. 22 East of Antrim.  Its bad enough at my brothers house that it keeps them up at night and the dishes actually rattle in the kitchen. 

    Has anyone else experienced this?  The well has been completed and in production since July 2015.  There are no special trucks or equipment sitting on the pad, everything looks normal.  Is this something we just have to live with, or is it temporary, etc?  Any insights on this would be appreciated

    I attached a sound bite

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Is there a compression station nearby?

Phil - This was also an initial thought of mine as is proximity of larger diameter gathering pipe that may be seeing some fluid slugs that are not being stopped by knockout drums or line drips. My thoughts are that any noise or vibration that affects buried pipe can also resonate surface soil layers nearby. A plat with wells, surface facilities, buried pipelines and nearby buildings superimposed would aid in this conversation

The 1H lateral appears to be close to the houses. 


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