JKLM continues surrendering Potter co. leases. unfortunate for Potter co. landowners as JKLM takes the walk of shame. results of Tilden refracks in the Ultra/Shell Marshlands play appear to be failures. not even close to initial IP's on undepleted wells. can't get blood out of a turnip boys.

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Somehow I haven't been getting any emails from this site. Could you tell me what's going on with JKLM, Old Timer? TIA

OT,Brian Powers suggested cleaning the in side of the pipes might give a better result. Shell is doing that to some of there wells now.

the pipes recieve quite a "cleaning" with a full reperf and frac.

JKLM curtailed all activity.

OT,is it possible to drill those old short laterals longer?

no point in the Marshlands play. low production is why Ultra and Shell bailed out. the wells refracked by Tilden were produced by Shell for 182 days,then shutin for 7 years. wells on the same pad were produced during the same time. refrack results thus far are approx. 75% lower than first IP's seven years prior. reservoir depletion and or parent/child well issues? bottom line is poor rock quality in that area make the financial committment for anything, a dissapointing outcome.

Good morning Old Timer.

Seems like I recall that 50 or so years ago there was a bit of drilling activity in our area as well as other flat castle areas. The story or rumor was that some of the wells were being "Cleaned out" in hopes to refresh their earlier production.

Do you recall anything about that activity?  I also recall some activity  on the Painter farm a few thousand feet east of the present well that is now in production.  Not much information ever circulated about these wells at the time.

Granddad Ladd

Dominion did some acid washing on storage wells in order to decrease flow restriction in both directions to improve storage operations, i think in the 80's early 90's. there has been a history of conventional well developement at various times. there are both known and unknown abandoned wells throughout the local areas.

Thank you for replying.  When I was about 14 or so years old I remember hearing the pumps at Sabinsville . Iwas vacationing at my Uncle Glenn Ladd's home on the Ladd road. Those pumps were very loud and had a much different sound back then.  More like a steam locomotive or one lunger gasoline engine. 

Have a good My friend

Granddad Ladd

the old pumps used to bother me some days even miles away. they were replaced a few years ago but can still be heard during injection season. 

OT, does the quest for mega producing wells drive the gas companies now?  On the western edge of the central PA area where I have property, it seems like good producing wells are not acceptable, they must be a mega producer.  I`m speaking of Utica wells.   Will we ever see a time when these smaller producing wells will be acceptable?   If it is NG price driven, at what price does NG need to be, and will we ever see those prices?   Will investors accept lower producing wells?   Are these Marcellus or Utica wells in your area?

historically, the lowest cost/highest production reservoirs are produced first. the price needed is more a factor of production cost margins. each company will be different. i believe all producers, to succeed, must drive costs to sub $1.60. big volume @ low production cost. just like the move to big dairy. we have both Marcellus and Utica, however our immediate area is Utica country. the Marcellus, like Tilden's Marshland play produces poorly here. down county in SWN area the Mar. comes on while Utica drops off. eventually, over time, lower areas will have to be utilized.


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