OBSERVATIONS AND OFF HAND COMMENTS and the loss of an eye Plus other subjects

The English language is sometimes very confusing.  What seems innocent to one person is totally inappropriate to another.  Take the word, "There."  Their,  They're. Easy to confuse the meanings of each spelling of this word.     These chat groups are taking great care as to what is being posted.     Any comments?        Granddad Ladd 

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My thoughts had much more to do with the character then the political differences.  If you are working with a group or individual, wouldn't it be best to find answers suitable to every one rather to make nasty remarks and possibly killing your chances of advancing your position or  respect in the group?

Granddad Ladd

Unemployment rate at 3.5% 

 More of your fellow N PA employed than ever before in recent history ...... 

 Great pipeline jobs being created ... 

 Farmers getting royalty checks .. 

 All of this and more  will be GONE if the Dems have their way and ban N Gas fracking .... 


Mr Ladd worries about ;nasty ' remarks ? 


When the Dems become civil , maybe then Pres Trump will become civil .....

Their is indeed a DEEP STATE , and I give Trump credit for TRYING to expose it ......... 
Wash is a very dirty , dirty place , it even got to the FBI and tainted their leaders ...... 

 UGLY stuff that Trump is being attacked for attempt to expose the dirt ......

Once again Mr C.   I thank you for your input.  I never said that the  "DEMS"  were perfect.   Do you think that Mr. Trump is so perfect in all that he does and says will bring peace to the world?  Looks to me as if there are  more problems then ever within the political scene. 

Royaltys  for gas and oil have dropped drastically the last few months for land owners.  Is this one of the paths, he has in mind, to bring the country back to greatness again?  Many folks started to improve their lifestyle, buying newer cars, remodeling their homes with the idea that income from leases and royaltys  from these gas and oil wells would solve the financial problems. 

Granddad Ladd

If the DEMS  had their way there never would have been a  current gas Industry in PA , take a look north to NY .... 


Royalties lower ? Tioga seems to have lesser rock quality than those west of you ... Luck of the draw .............Those in NY controlled by the Dems have gotten NOTHING ..........

A very big area of New York state is taken up be the finger lakes.  The Finger Lakes are a beautiful area to visit. There is a fear that possible contamination of these natural wonders could easily take place by major spills.  And do not forget all of the vineyards, and thousands of acres that produce the vegetable and fruits that are produced in the northern counties of the state.  I recall not being allowed to swim in  Seneca lake at the park because of contamination. This was about 1939.    It would be nice if I could take my grandchildren to these areas to experience and tell them a bit of the history of what once was!

A few years ago some areas in western New York were contaminated by the chemicals produced and the manufacturers allowed  their waste products to ruin entire towns. 

It is not hard to see why the folks of New York State do not want their beautiful state possibly destroyed by  greedy leaders regardless of their  political party.

Thank you once more for your input!

Granddad Ladd

Mr Ladd didn't you benefit from Nat Gas drilling ? 


Who gives you the right to deny those in NY the same benefits as those the benefit in PA ? 

You must have a problem reading too Paleface!

Re read the sentence from October 4th. again!  

 Aside from your inability to accurately read what was posted,  I never said that the Democrats were perfect! 

Granddad Ladd

Once again I thank you for your thoughts Mr Cramdon.  You seem to be looking at a very narrow picture of the world and the beauty it offers humanity.  Why not try looking at the entire world situation for once.  The gift of Life is worth so much more then anyone's  bank account?  It is apparent that you cannot and will not appreciate what other folks think is important in their own lives!  So sad that the only beauty you consider worth looking at are drilling rigs and hundreds of acres of ripped up areas that were the once the pride and joy of many hard working families. 

Fortunately there are folks who have the ability to foresee what could happen in their areas, neighborhoods and what has already happened in other parts of the world. They want to avoid destroying what they already have! 

And to answer your question,

"Who gives you the  right to deny those in NY the same benefits as those the benefit in PA?"

Mr Cramdon,  You are not even reading my post's or at best certainly not understanding what I am saying!  Instead, you have the  assumption I am denying New York  state the benefits of  oil and gas drilling. 

Even a mule has two choices to stand in the middle of a hornets nest of angry hornets or to move away to avoid being stung or not.

Residents in New York need to know they have two choices.  Seems like you do not want them to know the options they have!   

Have a great day Mr. Cramdon and thank you for your imput

Granddad  Ladd

Mr Ladd , you never answered my question ... Have you profited from Nat Gas drilling ? 

I have personally not profited much by gas drilling!  Mostly the most important and valuable thing I received was how landmen  and lawyers  are willing to snooker and lie or even cheat the landowner just to get a signature!  Drilling companies are willing to hold back royalty's  that landowners looked forward to  help pay for  new commitments.  And now many of these landowners are in worse shape then before. 

 Aside from the fact that Mr.T  wants to hide his own financial dealings.... He has the idea that he indeed is above the law even from the voters. Now he wants POLYGRAPHS of his people.  He must take one first.  

Now what did you receive in the way of profits?

Granddad Ladd

"Mr Ladd wrote ' have not profited much ' .... 

 I take that as a yes you have profited ............. 


How much have I profited from my lands ?????? 


ZERO !!!!!! 

 Dems in NY State allow NYC to be completely paved over with asphalt , yet those of us with land in the Southern tier continue to suffer ..............

 A little 'nervy' of you to back a ban on drilling in NY while you made $$$$$ from the process .... Your County certainly has  benefitted as well , probably help your property taxes  to be half as much as NY and your land values double that of Southern NY properties .... 


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