Just received a SkyTruth Alert about permit violations relating to potential pollution and improper disposal/contamination at the Kennedy Well site in Delmar Township.   Anyone know where in Delmar Township this well site is located?   


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Ruby, I am a bit curious about your receipt of the referenced alert....did you sign up for the service?

If so, are you against the development of the O&G resources in PA? Again....just curious....

From the website of SkyTruth….below in bold

SkyTruth is a small non-profit with a big vision, and we can use all the help we can get from our fans and admirers. If you like what we're doing and you want to see us doing more of it, then please consider pitching in and helping us with one of our many projects.

We have an active volunteer and intern program in our R&D group at SkyTruth Labs. Please consider taking on one of the tasks posted there, or if you have something special to offer - let us know.

SkyTruth provides this alerts service free to the world as part of pour mission to make environmental impacts more visible. However, is still costs money to maintain and expand the system, and for that SkyTruth relies on financial support from generous people like you.

If you would like to see this service continued and expanded to cover more pollution issues, please visit our support page and make a contribution. Include a note with your donation to let us know how you are using the system and what new things you would like to see us add. Every little bit helps!

Spread the Word

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Maybe cleaning the dust/film off the solar panels?


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