LAST CALL for OFFERS - Chesapeake's newest "secret" Pad readying for drilling

"LAST CALL for OFFERS - SE Tusc County, across road from CHK's newest "secret"" Pad readying to drill!

*("secret" because their latest string of Landmen want us all to pretend we don't see the parade of trucks moving in and hear the noise and listen to the industry experts who are joint-venturing with them on that very project ~ The Emperor may or may not be naked - but he IS drilling for OIL and it's 500' away!)

CHK (Chesapeake's stock ticker) has had a triple success with the Perry Township Parker Well. "It's good. It's oil," (and they are getting it out cheaper/faster) says a JV'er with them.

They are readying their next best play across the road from us!

We will NOT lease nor sell to Chesapeake (although they are pounding on our door).

Neighbors feel the same.

We are leasing/selling mineral% of circa 130 +acres to the best fit for our situation.

We have two other parties interested at this point and want to make a decision within a week.

Industry expert confirms we are "in the Utica Pickle" and to look for this area to become a major hot spot in 1 to 1 1/2 years."

We could wait. We'd rather lease/sell % interest to someone who is going to "scoop CHK" and get the drilling started here sooner rather than later.  (And to someone with a better record of fairness/honesty than CHK - also blocking CHK from forcing us into a pooled unit.)

PM me if you know someone interested in either leasing or buying a percentage or even investing in the prospect.

Our Financial Planning Experts (world class!)  stand ready to help anyone wanting the best tax strategies for any involvement with our Project.  (Reduced  or "perpetually deferred" Taxes on signing bonuses, best legal shelters, and more....) Due to timing and available manpower during these negotiations, this service is offered only to those who are proposing direct involvement with our Project please.

Thank you.

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Have you ever considered becoming a penny stock promoter?

No, thanks. But I have made a lot of money investing in the pennies.

And here's my "tip" of the day: Recall how most fortunes made in the Gold Rush Era were NOT from the poor panners who spent their lives searching for the elusive nugget or dust? The mega fortunes were made by those who SUPPLIED the panners and diggers and blasters - furnishing them with their tools, clothes, food, security, transport, et al.

Same is true for THIS  new Black Gold (Oil) industry - whether or not you have land-skin in this game, you can still reap the HUGE monetary benefits by investing in those who supply the Big Players! Interesting Video - mentions Carrollton in it too.

And no, I get nothing from linking you to it, beyond the warm fuzzies for so doing.

If link fails - it's Money Map Press with Dr. Kent Moors - THE industry expert on local and global gas and oil.

As always, Best to You,

AL Raptoria

Yes, the guys who sold picks and shovels made all the money.  And now instead of asking us if we want to help you sell the picks and shovels you're asking someone to buy the mine, sight unseen. 


SE Tusc.  is part of the area that CHK/ENervest/and others said they were going to be drilling up to 20 wells in.

I suspect they are not hitting dry holes like Devon did farther West.

The data will come out to prove it one way or another.

I am like Ron E......I believe in Tusc. County, like he believes in Trumbel.....but I believe Tusc. will end up being better than the North.

I think SE Tusc is going to be fabulously successful.  That wasn't really the point that I was making. 

Point taken....I missed the point you wer making.

Anyone hear that Chevron purchased leases in SE Tusc's Mill/Rush townships?  If so....that could be a signal of what's soon to be coming.

Chevron moving in is certainly interesting, but I'm going to say something unpopular: if you live in that area you absolutely want CHK developing this acreage.  Yes, they're miserable to work with.  Yes, they are arrogant and their landmen are from the Crazy Eddie's School of Scamming, but they will drill like there's no tomorrow.  This is especially true if they have come up with a proprietary frac that gets the oil flowing.  CHK is easy to hate but man, when they decide to invest in a drilling program they really go all out., you are encouraging people to "go with CHK" despite the likelihood they WILL be ripped off, their land MAY BE RUINED, their communications with them WILL make them miserable, and they WILL BE SCAMMED...but hey, they WILL BE DRILLED!

That's like saying "instead of a respectful man who will treat you right, pick the rapist to date - as he has a track record of "drilling.," ...even if and when it's against your will."

And you have the audacity to call me a Huckster? At least now we know who you're trolling/shilling for.

It fits.

It's not proprietary - not for long. And there ARE others ready to drill here too - heard from two just today - with deeper pockets than CHK!  And better morals too.


I did get confirmation that Chevron is moving into Tusc/Mill partnering with Sierra Resources.  See my post on Tuscawaras County page.

It's called Intelligent Speculation. Based on your trolling and haranguing  here and elsewhere,I doubt you're qualified. I've done my good deed for the day by turning you and everyone else on to the best link to join in the pick and shovel crowd. Take your "pick."

It's not a pick and shovel that you're selling, you huckster.  You're selling mineral rights, which is the equivalent of selling the damn gold before it's been mined.  Beyond that, you set up a link to some snake oil website that quotes some woman (who no doubt is merely made up) and gives her location as "Tarrant County, PA" which of course doesn't exist.  You're a fraud and my "trolling and haranguing" has gotten in the way of your poorly thought out promo.  That's what we call a you problem, Al.  Best of luck with whatever scam this is.  I'm sure it's a doozy, especially when you use religious illusions to sell it.  Anyone who clicked that link knows what I'm talking about.


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