neighbor got renewal letter and check to extend lease for 3 more years.this is in nottingham twp.leased with cheasapeake its odd because lease isnt up till 4/16/16.anyone else  get renewed.still waiting myself

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Shortcreek township


Hess or Chesapeake?  Did they contact you or just send a check?

Actually Gulfport and they just mailed the check. The original lease was with Chesapeake but Gulfport bought it.

Hi William,

Do you know when Gulfport bought your ease from CHK?  Where you notified when the lease was sold?

Thanks - Bill

It was last year not sure the date. They did notify me.

Anyone hear if Chesapeake is renewing leases?  We used KWGD for our original lease and I received a communication from the attys saying some areas are getting new leases.  Anyone else with thoughts on this?  I figure there's money out there and they're interested in getting in on it again.    

call me 931 four 03 five 0 34

No offense but I'm a little reluctant to call.  I sent a friend request so you can send me an email please.  

my Dad lives in north twp, was offered a renewal from chesapeake for 2 yrs at $2000 an acre, all else the same as the original lease. Anybody else receiving any offers?


Was your lease part of the KWGD group that expires on Oct 8th?


pretty sure it was

I'm asking whether he was in the group because the leases that expire on Oct 8th negotiated by KWGD 5 years ago state that if Chesapeake wants to renew before the lease expires, the new lease will be for 5 years and it will cost them 110% of the original lease amount.  You might want to check on that.


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