Hello are there any companies leasing in pleasants co. and if so what are they offering

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Pleasant Co, WV? if so, JAY BEE

Anyone know if anyone is leasing in Ohio, Harrison Co

Ascent is leasing in Jefferson county. They didn't offer any numbers yet. Only that they traded my lease from Gulfport and wanted to renew with me. 

SWN owns all Ascent lease hold now. I would check with SWN in Jefferson. 

Ascent is supposed to drill a well near me. They called me last week. They are using Purple Land Management......

Thats odd, I had a friend who did all the lease checks foSWN to buy Ascent lease hold in Jefferson last year. 

Joe, my neighbor stopped over and said  he received a letter a few weeks ago  from Ascent that they were going to put a well pad  on his Dad's property down the road. A few days ago a lady from Purple Land Management called and told me she represented Ascent and they were trading my soon to expire lease from Gulfport to Ascent..They are wanting a one year lease but we hav'nt discussed money.


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