If you think that sitting getting my haircut next to the top land manager of Hilcorp  resulted in a whisper that leasing will start again for Mahoning, Trumbull and Ashtabula, you do not want to read this post.  If you think that the large landgroups are soon to announce a mystery energy company ready to lease, you don't want to read this post.  And if your questions are when will my land be leased, you definitely do not want to read this post.

If you are like many of us here on GMS, who read and educate yourselves on the dynamics and evolution of this play, you want to read this post and you will begin to understand when your land is ripe to be leased and how to deal correctly with the infrastructure issues concerning your land.

I have from the beginning in real time brought forth gleaned information as many have wrote on this site.  This information is now getting diluted with all the mess from landowners who are all about me,me, and me.  What once was well thought our information posted by many of us to navigater through these choppy waters of this play, now is littered with the rantings of impulse whining.

Let me simplify it for those of you who wake up every morning thinking the magic energy company wants you now!  If you navigate thru the clutter, or stop posting impulsive emotions, you will understand this play and how you are to benefit or not.


First of all, if you are in Columbus, Ohio, stay the hell off this board.  If you are in northern Ashtabula, zip up and wait your turn.  Many of us professionals in this land game are trying to offer for free, facts that when digested correctly will enable you to understand or make a decission like the rest of us.  We tried to post events and developments that tell you indrectly what is going on.  For instance, the Hilcorp Ohio River development and their pipelines upon completion, means they will begin cleaning up missing acreage close to this pipeline.  If you are in eastern Mahoning county right now, you are needed, not by a landgroup but by the energy company.  If you are up in Trumbull county, you have to now wait for the wells and the infrastructure and not a blanket leasing activity, those days are over with.  And Ashtabula, watch what is happening in western PA, with the wells and infrastructure. 


Folks, the only reason why we salivate about Carrol county and Gulfport, is that they were in line first in this wet gas development.  They have massive midstream developments that were first, after the energy companies leased enough to justify the wells.  Joining landgroups, if it makes you feel good, go for it.  The better leasing will go on as well units are put together in this play now.  What I see happening now is the majors want to establish their developments right now in the wet gas zone because they are in business to turn a profit.  Slower action will happen in the areas around the borders of where they are today.  As infrastructure is completed, they will expand.  For those of you that are close to wells, sit tight and update yourselves day by day, most likely, their six million dollar investment is a solid indicator that your nearby land is full of minerals.  For those of you who are further away from the action, suck it up and take it like a man that your time has not yet come.


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you'll never make it as a psychiatrist. hahaha

Gary you are right on that.  I'm just am getting frustrated to see so much clutter and many here not wanting to accept the reality of it...............but you know what, isn't perception reality..........yes, they want my land today, I know it.

Also it surprises me that the good post are not even read as much while the BS stuff is soothing to them.

R E,

Do you mind sharing with us what kind of 'professional in the land game' you are ?

Why do you title the post 'Leasing in the Northern Utica to begin again' when you then state within that you don't really know ?

Isn't that a bit like 'baiting' and then 'switching' or going off topic on your own post ?

In spite of these interesting contradictions thanks again.



I would also like to know about your qualifications for being a professional in the land game. Obviously you are getting some bad information, Gulfport in Carroll county? I dont think they have plans to drill any wells in Carroll county.

People are salivating about Gulfport, but that is because they have drilled some gushers in the SOUTHERN part of the play. I think the further along the development/exploration stage gets the less chance of leasing happening in the Northern part of the play. Seems like the liquid rich shale is in the south but just IMO.


The link above takes you to a discussion at the Ohio Landowners Group.

It has a link to new / updated ODNR maps (030513) showing TOC. S1, S2 etc.

Not as optimistic report as earlier iterations of same for the northeast.

I'm thinking it's because there is not enough real world data to base their maps in the northeast on but a plethera of data in the southern part of the play.

What do you think Fang (and of course any others).



Mr. Fang,

Thanks for the interpretation.

It's appreciated.

Best Regards,


range hit wet gas in crawford county. screwed up the frack. 1.4 million a day. said they ar going to repud. the wet gas goes north too.

he's a professional.  count on it.

"I'm just am getting frustrated to see so much clutter and many here not wanting to accept the reality of it.."

And yet when I try to make similar points there are people on here (one lunatic in particular) who seems to think that this is all one big conspiracy.  Nice to see I'm not the only one "in on it".

In your opinion, who on these pages needs a psychiarist ? !

We need info. !


I wouldn't call a man expressing interest in what's happening around southeast Ashtabula County whining.

If a man doesn't express himself and attempt to communicate he learns nothing.

At least those of us who have expressed themselves and have tried to find out what's cooking seem to have gotten a rise out of you !

Thanks for the info.



i know what set you off. gary p. over on the 'save the forests'  network. oh yea, and the the chinks comment by the wanna be racist the other day. see? i should be the psych!


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