Pictures taken Labor day 2014

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They started drilling in early October. I was there the first week in December, and they were still drilling.

Did you get a deer? I was there Sun-Wed that week too.

I missed a buck on Monday, and a doe on Tuesday, then I found out my scope was shooting 12" high. After re-sighting in I never saw another deer, they all went nocturnal. This latest round of coal mining closer to the surface is really having negative effects on our property. Large cracks appearing in the road and other places.

I got soaking-@$$ wet on Monday and didn't see a thing. I did get a little 6 point on Tuesday morning. One of my boys got a nice 8 pt on Sunday of gun season. It didn't seem like a lot of guys were hunting this year. I didn't hear the first shot opening day until 8:19 and only heard 14 shots all day long. In the past I'd hear that many shots or more before 9am on opening day. Our neighbor's property was timbered a year or so ago and is grown up really thick this year and I think all the deer are hanging out there in the thick stuff.

I have a little camo umbrella that attaches to the tree, worth its weight in gold. The amount of shooting this year was very sparse. Definitely the worst weather gun week that I can ever remember, rain everyday but one. Seems like it rains every time I come to Ohio.

Oh that is good news! Thanks for the update DG.

The Winesburg Pad has been there or in process since October, seems strange that it is just now on the map.

Gulfport just permitted two additional legs from the Lepley Pad on 02/13/15. This makes 6 legs total within a 1257 acre drilling unit. The drill rig has been on the site since October. Looks like it may be there a little longer!

They are still drilling, 4 out of the 6 legs are supposedly finished. Rumors of another pad being built on Pugh Ridge near the Alledonia Road

Has there been any activity on the Edge pad, just south of Lepley on Pugh Ridge Rd?

I don't believe so, I will not be back there until Memorial day weekend. I will ping my buddies to see.

They were up there 2 weeks ago, and there has been no drilling activity. Gulfport has reduced the number of drill rigs in the area,


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