Ok guys we now have the old site back ,  Lets get some news on Londonderry Twp.. Thanks!!!

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Ascent has been active building pads and getting permits around the Antrim area. just west of you,Dont know who you are leased with,but Ascent is busy,but Gulfport is not in this County. Eclipse is busy south of you near Salesville/Quaker City. Price of Crude going up,Guernsey County is now looking profitable to them.

Thank you Bo!

I like your words.

 Ascent is who we are signed with!

Hope my area is looking good in Ascent's eyes! LOL!

Bo, let me know if there is any drilling in my area starting.

Sure appreciate it!

Dang, I wish I lived closer.

nc man

Ascent Resources. 3 permits  Londonderry twp. Gingerich 2h-4h-6h. 11/30/18

Nice hearing from you, Bo!

But you know I am not to savvy on this oil thing.

What does the 2h-4h-6h mean and is the well name Gingerich?

Should I just go to the ODNR map and look to see if this well is near my section 21 or is there something else I should/can do to see if the well is on my property?

Sure would be nice after all these years to be drilled on! :D

Appreciate all your help and info you share with me, Bo.

Merry Christmas!

nc man

NC MAN, it's down in the lower s.w. corner of Londonderry twp. No platmaps yet. the 2h,6h,8h are the well #s. usually the odd #s wells go one direction,then the even #s go the opposite way.


I understand now.

Not my area!

My section is 21 in NE Guernsey County----Londonderry Twp.

Maybe next well! :D

Please stay in touch in case anything new comes up.

Enjoy your holiday!

nc man

Ascent --8 permits pulled last week for Londonderry twp.! drillbabydrill.

Sounds like progress to me.

Ascent has a rig up n running in Londonderry, just down pennyroyal rd a 1/4 mile. Someone said they are setting one up down around SkullFork also,but I haven't gone looking for it yet.

Thank you for the information it is appreciated.

Hi Bo!!

Yes, drill baby drill!!

Haven't heard anything from Ascent.

Wouldn't we be notified if they are planning to drill on an individual's property before they drill?

Please keep us posted.

Boy, we sure wish we could be closer to check things out!


Take care-------

nc man

Yes.NCman, they would notify all landowners before drilling. usually send out division orders for you to sign off on. I'll try to see who is setting up the rig near Skull Fork. I heard it was South of rt. 22. I'll be out that way 2maro.


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