I have a lease coming due and have been offered a new lease by the same company. My land is in Washington County Pa. I have been thinking of working with the land agent myself as he has pretty much sent me an agreement which contained the same contract as my old one but with a better price per acre but 17 % instead of 18% royalty.I am sure I want at least 18% with no deductions but think I could do better on the price per acre too.What I don't understand is I have recently found out that I am included in a unit that is not in production yet but was filed in October.I am not sure what bearing this could have on my property and if this gives me any more or less bargaining power.The old lease was drawn up by a gas attorney who I will not work with any more as he had a month to look over the new lease and never responded back to me with a progress report.I paid him 450. 00 for his consultation fee and got my papers back. It seems with this lease he wanted to make much more money on as he  wanted 300-400 hundred an hour depending on complexity of terms and issues and also a possible percentage  for getting me a better lease which I was willing to negotiate myself. Looking for someone to just look over the contract and  add the no deductions clause and any possible advise besides that.

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James Brink and Steven Townsend 855-534-7788


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