Were any of you in attendance at the meeting with KWGD on Monday at the PLCC. I was there and was totally surprised by the number of people in attendance. What were your thoughts about the meeting? I found it to be very informative.

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How many in the area are going to call off work tomorrow to a wait Fedx? lol

Greetings Group 5 Members,  I bring news of hope.  I just got home from work at the Fedex terminal in Zanesville.  Awaiting Tuesday delivery are well over a hundred lease payments from Gulfport.  I imagine the overnight flights will bring some more.  For delivery to be complete, an adult must be present to sign for the letter.  We make three delivery attempts on three sucessive days.  If no one is home, we leave a delivery notice with instructions on what to do and/or where you can pick up the letter.

N. Halvor, Are you any relation to Paul Revere? I picture you dashing over the country-side on your trusty steed yelling "The checks are comin'! The checks are comin'!" Talk about drama! This is better than a good suspense/thriller movie! The good folks of Guernsey Co. are going to need a good shrink, or a stiff drink, after this! Gotta love the inside information!

Those that will need a stiff drink will be the couriers that have to service Guernsey County tomorrow.  100+ letters is a lot of additional volume on already busy routes.  I was scheduled to work in  Tuscarawas County tomorrow but now they want to move south and help the Guernsey County drivers.

N. Halvor, Ahh, but you get the joy to be a hero all day! The lives you will change and smiles you will put on the faces of those who receive your knock at their door tomorrow will be reminiscent of a Publishers Clearinghouse TV commercial!

Yes, it is much more rewarding delivering these lease payments than the debt/foreclosure notices some company had us deliver a few months back.

Hopefully, some of those lease payments you will be distributing tomorrow will be going to some of those folks!

Hopefully all will be cleared up in the next 30 days one way or the other. I wish you all the best. I myself will be babysitting my 6 month old grand daughter who was born 3 months early @ 1lb 14 oz. . She has some health issues and I promised her a horse if she just hung in there and stayed with us . She did :).  That check comes and I will at least start the journey,, everything else is just gravy. 

The very best of luck to everyone today,especially Mickey and the new granddaughter.

 I'll second that motion Red.

    I wonder if the jewelry stores will be running out of the 1ct diamonds this evening. Come on guys that diamond will be worth more than the new pick up! lol

To all that get caught up in the bad posts...Let Mickey be your example...You may be talking to someone's grandpa. What a great story!!  Good luck to all...Mark

Thanks folks,, she is my example, as our my healthy and (when in a good mood) other grandsons !! I'm a late comer to the game, bought my land in 2006 after my brother in law won a hunting cabin at Deerassic Classic in 04-05 I believe. I haven't had to tough it out like most who work their land, I just see the positive it can bring to a child VS living in the city.  We all have our stories for sure !!  Going to do some muscle therapy with the grand daughter now. Peace !


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