Where is all the chatter about drilling in Mercer County?  The DEP website tells us that they have issued 26 new well permits this year alone!!  I know they won't all get drilled this year but I also have heard of a couple more sited that have not been permited as of this date. Halcon is working hard to obtain pipeline right of ways and the Bluegrass pipeline is in the works. TGT station has a contractor working to reverse flow one of their main lines from Mercer. The work on this is very visable on route 58 in front of the pump station. I understand that they are also planning more construction for next year. Let me know if you have seen or know of anything new in the making. Thanks


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Mercer County could be one of the next hot spots.

Companies are getting infrastructure in place, and that has to be paid for. The only way to do that is drilling wells and selling product.

The activity in the County will continue to increase as the price of natural gas rises and makes wells more profitable. Yes I know the forecasts don't show a significant rise soon. But development of the Utica and Marcellus have to ve viewed on a long term basis. That is why you are seing the infrastructure work.

Prices will only rise if there is increased demand for natural gas! Current price is quite low. Drilling wells to pay for pipelines only works if gas can be sold for a profit. Oil is quite a different matter. Government needs to rush approval for construction of multiple facilities to export LNG (liquefied natural gas)! Little hope that this will happen under Obama.


Chevron is approaching people in Jackson Center about amending their old Atlas HBP leases, they are planning a pad there. Also heard that Findley township has been approached by Chevron to discuss bonding roads in the township. So...... sounds like Chevron is going to get active in the area east of Mercer.

After that piece of trash Corbett signed the new gas legislation into law, I'm surprised they are even doing that. Now O&G companies can absorb HBP properties without any need to contact the landowner. Great job Corbett! What a scumbag.

I agree Lance, Corbett really gave us the shaft.. and not the well shaft. Please vote this jerk out.. but then he will probably become a gas industry lobbiest and really stick it to us....


Anyway, i am curious to know what chevron wants from the HBP landowner, and how much they have to pay to get it... anyone care to share?

Sorry I didn't ask that question....Didn't want to be that nosey. Maybe someone on here will give better details.

I know this is anecdotal, but I was at the Sheetz on Rt. 19 in Hermitage on Saturday afternoon and a  frackwater tank drove by.  It said Adler Tank Rentals on the side.  It looked brand new and was headed north.  I thought about following it.


The goal seems to be to get gas from Ohio, PA, WVa to the gulf coast where they are working on facilities and ships to be able to market gas worldwide.

Intereresting area for sure. Early  in teh marcellus boom, action was all Wash nd Green cnties in the SW  but interest is sure is expanding. I think the Marcellus is ~5-6kft in depth, ok, but not as deep as operators like, but teehy may be  pursueing upper devonian black shales as well.

Good luck.



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