Information about drilling activity, pipelines, etc. in Millwood Township.

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Can anyone tell me when the Mercury units went into production ?

Congrats Ken!

Good evening!  This is my first time posting so I am not sure how this will turn out. Does anyone have any information about the activity with the Law B Unit?

That’s the 3H and 5H.  Last month check had three days and five days production.  They are in full production now and next month will be better.

I’ve noticed it’s been very quiet on this site. I was hoping someone was going to mention the Eclipse merger with Blue ridge mountain. I’m a little concerned I’m now a landowner of another company who went bankrupt. Blue Ridge was Magumn Hunter who went bankrupt and then changed its name. 

Am I the only one not sure about how I feel?

My land is in the Hayes unit and basically the royalties are down to nothing. 

The well went into production at the end of 2014 & I can’t really count that bc ...basically the money came in January 2015. 

As of today in the 3 1/2 years of checks total. We have received more money from our bonus money than the supposed ... royalties is where the money is at ...checks. 

I want to know if it’s just me or are other people in the Hayes not receiving much ? Also what about the merger? Any concerns ?


From what I've been reading over the last few months, the Oil&gas co.s have  found  ways  to deduct SO much from peoples royalties, that it may be better to just leave the oil&gas in the ground for now. trouble is' it's too late for that option, unless you aren't leased yet.

I agree. That’s why I didn’t quit my day job. Never believed all the crap they tried tp get me to buy into. I wonder what will happen after the merger??


Can you tell if the decline in royalties is from more deductions, less being paid for the gas or as a result in the decline of the well(s)?  Does you lease allow deductions?  I have communicated with someone else on this site that is located in Millwood township but in a different unit than you are in.  He indicated that initial royalties were $600+ per acre per month for the first several months.  It sounds like your experience is quite different.  

I think it has been pretty quite on this site since Eclipse isn't doing much in Millwood right now.  Seems like they are focusing on their Flat Castle property in PA.  


Dave Cain

Good morning David,

The price is up or comparable. The production is way down. We have the no you cannot deduct, however.... lease. I was just wondering how it will be after the merger. 

I know wells decline, however, I have read many articles the wells in our area are not declining like most other wells. 

I just wanted to know how the other landowners in the Hayes are feeling about the merger. Seems not too many people are posting, except for the people not drilled yet. 

Thank you 

Eclipse will release their third qtr. operational results this wed. oct.31st.

Eclipse didn't have much to say about operations in their 3rd qtr. presentation. looks like it may be the end of the year before the merger is finalized. 


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