Information about drilling activity, pipelines, etc. in Millwood Township.

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Those will be the longest laterals yet. couple thousand feet longer than the Outlaw.

I thought the rig was already up at the law???not sure were they went....

There is a rig up on Law.  They are moving the rig off the Fritz pad (Yanosik wells) to the Mercury pad.

Does anyone know which direction the 7 wells on the Jupiter pad are going? 

Jupiter?  Where will it be located?

They are building it now, right along Rt. 265 just before you get into Salesville. 

ok, I guess I need to take a drive to Quaker thru Salesville. See for myself. Sometimes they build a pad and sometimes even drill before ODNR catches up to the action.

I seen the rig up on the Mercury pad. on Greenlawn. Also seen one up on the Law pad. Also seen a huge crane working on the Miller pad,I suppose they are getting ready to Frack those long laterals soon? No Rig at the Fritz. Heard Eclipse may be bringing in a 3rd rig? They need to drill the Scott/Finneran/and Yost off of Oxford rd. Seen a pad being built along 265 near Rose Hill Rd. Eclipse has been busy!

I hear the Acsent rig is still drilling on the Raber pad. They must be drilling all 6 wells?


How did you come by 7? There are 4 legs showing on the ODNR going NW but they do not have the SE legs listed yet. It looks like the SW legs will be south of 265.

Sorry I thought you were talking about the Mercury pad on Greenlawn. I guess they are going to Planet names now.

I am hoping someone can provide a link to the landowners included in the Mercury units east of Quaker City, they may not be available yet. We have 17.5 acres that I think would be included.

The well locator on the states website shows a line running right through our property but we all know that those lines are not a realistic representation of the actual legs being drilled.

We have finally been run out of Millwood township, having bought a house and some acreage north of Cambridge, finally there will be peace and quiet again.

Look on Guernsey county recorders website for documents in your name. You have 8.206 and 9.047 acres in Mercury A unit.


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