Can anyone tell me how I figure out where my minerals are located in Greene County PA?  On the lease there is a Tax ID number and the descriptions in the deeds don't do a whole lot for me (I don't know where the white birch is...).  I see there is a Property Assessment Database online but I do not have a professional license so unable to access.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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I feel the same way.  I have minerals in Greene County also, but I live in Oklahoma, and hopefully someone will contact me about where the minerals are located.


How did you become aware that you owned an interest in minerals?

Do you own any interest in the surface or minerals only?

Call Greene County Courthouse, I'm sure they will help you. Also, in years past, the Greene county 4-H clubs print a booklet that lists all parcels with parcel #s and owners name on each different township with maps! VERY helpful. Perhaps the courthouse can tell you who to contact for one. They used to be about $25, worth every penny, lots of info, especially if you are out of state. It's also a 4-H fundraiser so $$ go to a good cause.

Dear Lynn, When I look up 4H in Greene county it says Penn State extension  in Waynesburg. Is this who I would contact for the publication about the parcels? Thanks. Debbie Pennell

I am out of state right now or I would look on the publication for a phone number, with any luck I can do that over the weekend. I bought it at I think the county extension office on main st. In Waynesburgh. I would be happy to look up your #s in the book when I get home. If there is a way to pm you I will do that.

I have always known that my father owned minerals in Greene County, but never paid much attention to it.  I was a kid and didn't give a hoot at the time.  Now that he and my mother have passed away, along with his sister and family, who also shared the minerals, I'm not quite sure what my next step should be.  Wonder who I should contact, if anyone....or just wait till someone contacts me.  hmmmm


If you know someone in the County you could have them do some research.

Or hire someone to do the work.

Did your mother and father die in Greene County? Did they own the property when they died? Did they own the surface and the minerals or just the minerals?How was ownership conveyed to them? Did they buy it or receive it from an estate?

Barry D, thanks for the response.  Both my parents passed away in Oklahoma.  My dad was raised in PA, and lived there for 30 years, then met my mother when he was in the Navy, and lived the remainder of his life in Oklahoma.  The minerals came from his mother, who lived in Deep Valley, Pa.

I live in Oklahoma and don't know anyone in Greene County today.  All the relatives I knew are now deceased.  My dad was raised there, but moved to Oklahoma in 1942, met my mother and had 2 daughters.  I was one of them.


Our family would often travel back to Pa. to see relatives.  My dad fortunately never sold his minerals.




My father was raised in Pa, and his family kept their minerals. Since my parents are deceased,  I now own their minerals in Greene County.  Will never sell them!


One more question. Did your father, and now you, own only the minerals? Do you own the surface.

In order to find the information you seek you may need to contract with someone in Greene County to perform research at the Courthouse. There will be a cost involved.

That cost could be as little as a couple of hundred dollars, it could also be quite a bit more. Do you know how many acres of minerals you own, and is it leased?

I found some papers from my parents...have 2 parcels, but only have information on 1 parcel....23-03-0144.  Have 94 acres (shared with other members of the family). 

I've been told that we may have an adjoining parcel which ends in "43."


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