anyone getting any decent offers to buy minerals lately?

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Yeah David , the land is in a unit and is currently being drilled.  That's worth alot more to them for sure..  . Not much waiting 


Are these leases that are being sold held by Eclipse if so,   over in Monroe County Vine has been buying leases then selling them to Buckeye Minerals and Royalties which has the same exact address in PA as Eclipse has.

So if Eclipse  has the lease and already knows lots about the acreage or drilling units or wells are they paying you enough?   Just askin'.

my guess is all of these companys are buying for the big boys.

Yes this is eclipse acreage .  I'm convinced they are associated but I guess it really don't matter as long as the landowner gets paid.  Like buckeye said , all these small companies are associated with the big boys. .  Okki Energy is AEP  


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