Cryogenics are more unique to the Utica, than any play in the country.  Unique wherein, it has leaked that we need a lot more, a whole lot more.  A cryogenics plant is composed of trains I understand that separates the wet gas from the dry gas, this is the initial basic processing of the Utica production.  One train I believe processes 200 Million cu/ft per day.  Kasich announced there will be two more trains built at the Nisource site in the northern Utica.  Kensington down the middle of the Utica is completing a third train if I remember.  More are around the southern Utica, more capacity than anywhere else.  The Eagleford, has more oil so not many cryogenics plants down there.

One of the major delays in production of the Utica is because of the shortage of these plants and of course pipelines.  If one were to follow the Kensington progress, they are busy now running the pipes to the wells for flow to the new plant.  Hilcorp's cryogenics plant won't be up and running until they get electric power in July, wonder why drilling is slow up here?  The trunk pipeline to Mercer county will not be completed till Jully also, then they would need more wells to fill the pipes.   Then......they will need more pipelines and Fractionators.

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Ron your article has nothing to do with cryogenics plants .....Worthington industries is a storage tank building business mostly for onsite storage of oil and brine .....and tanks can be built one place and transpoted hundred of miles to their final location ......the oil industry moves tanks all the time long distances 

There is a Worthington Container facility in Jefferson (Ashtabula County) approximately 2 miles from Route 11 (rte 307 exit). If related, which I believe) then this would be a plus for our area and a step in the right direction for up North.

Cryogenics are more unique to the Utica, than any play in the country.

You better look East to Wet Marcellus. Markwest has 2 Cryogenic plants (Houston Pa and Majorsville WV)

38,000 bbls/day ethane each another 38,000 TBD at Majorsville.

To the north of there is Keystone 10,000 bbls/day to start up anytime if it hasn't already than to the south is Sherwood 36,000 bbls/day TBD

Current production ~ 86,000 bbls/day and Future expansion of 74,000 bbls/day.

Current production is going to Nova Chemicals via Mariner West. 

Sorry..It is Worthington Industries/Cylinders located in Jefferson.

Right off Route 11.

Sorry, by referencing Utica, I speak of Margellus/Utica region, wet gas play.

where is the MARGELLUS  region 

Fellow Landowners, I have a brainfa%t,  can someone help me chart the processing capacity of the cryo's here in the Utica.  I believe they will be telling on drilling?

I guess I have to do it myself and keep the results to myself too.

With the news of a new cryogenics again in mahoning county. Should I say more, cryogenic plants are built to process wet gas. Must be massive amounts in the northern utica as with the south.
Hopefully there are massive amounts, though doubtful they will rival the amounts down south. Also hope people don't get suckered by people like you trying to buy their minerals "on the cheap" for 500-1000/acre. People need to be warned about your type....


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