Cryogenics are more unique to the Utica, than any play in the country.  Unique wherein, it has leaked that we need a lot more, a whole lot more.  A cryogenics plant is composed of trains I understand that separates the wet gas from the dry gas, this is the initial basic processing of the Utica production.  One train I believe processes 200 Million cu/ft per day.  Kasich announced there will be two more trains built at the Nisource site in the northern Utica.  Kensington down the middle of the Utica is completing a third train if I remember.  More are around the southern Utica, more capacity than anywhere else.  The Eagleford, has more oil so not many cryogenics plants down there.

One of the major delays in production of the Utica is because of the shortage of these plants and of course pipelines.  If one were to follow the Kensington progress, they are busy now running the pipes to the wells for flow to the new plant.  Hilcorp's cryogenics plant won't be up and running until they get electric power in July, wonder why drilling is slow up here?  The trunk pipeline to Mercer county will not be completed till Jully also, then they would need more wells to fill the pipes.   Then......they will need more pipelines and Fractionators.

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RON  is nothing more then a little man with big talk a washed up real estate agent trying to get rich off other peoples mineral rights .....he acts like he knows what is going on .....but has not a clue ........if the north was so good BP HALCON AND SHELL would not be walking away ......if it was all because of infrastructure  those companies would have just held on to what they had and kept on adding to their lease hold .........and just because they are building processing plants in an area does not mean they are going to drill there .....thats why they have pipelines to bring product to these plants .....the well could be hundreds of miles away from a plant 

To people that actually have a clue it is very apparent that ron does not.

Mike, Wow your pretty smart, L.O.L.!!


     Are you going to be pissed when you find out your NGLs are worth a fortune but you won't be included in the deal when your producer sells them to their "Affiliate" let alone when they are sold on the open market.

That's our reality if nothing is done to make the producers follow the laws of Ohio and pay a royalty on NGLs. Most of us have a clause in our lease that says the producer must follow the laws of Ohio.

We need to enforce that soon or suffer the fate of the landowners in PA. That $5 billion they are trying to get from CHK in a class action suit will be only a small percent of what they would have received if their producer had been "halfway honest" and only stolen from them in the off market sale to themselves.

Ron, when chk in the northern utica was paying 6k as a signing bonus, many of us took the 5k from hilcorp because we were aware of chk's reputation.
As I posted to you, we are unleased mineral owners in a new producing well. We have the upper hand and I like this position.


How may I ask are you (or the collective "we" you had used) unleased in a new unit?  That would be serious oversight by an operator, an oversight that these large operators don't make often.  Are you sure you own the minerals outright inside this "new producing well?"

Is the "new producing well" a horizontal unit, or one of the shallower vertical wells that have been drilled?

I have a question :

In Ohio, is it possible to be 'Force Unitized' and NOT 'Force Pooled' ?


Did you even read this article ?

It's not even remotely related to cryogenics plants being built in the Utica. The article isn't even about Ohio;

  "The Columbus-based metals processing and manufacturing company (Worthington) is going to buy part of Steffes Corp., including a plant in Dickinson, N.D., that makes metal tanks to store oil and salt water used by energy companies."

“This acquisition complements our strategy to grow the energy business by adding to our geographical reach, so we can serve customers in the east, central and now the important northwest region of the U.S.,” Andrew Billman, president of Worthington’s cylinder business, said in a statement."

Notice that the second quote specifically states that it is about expanding Worthington's market into the northwest, think North Dakota.

BTW, the quotes I cited above come from the article you posted.

Again big Ron starts a discussion about something he knows nothing about and goes on to talk about things that have nothing to do with his title of discussion .....tank builders and cryogenics plants are not really related and his supposive unleased land in a production unit certainly has nothing to do with cryogenic plants 


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