My wife asked me this morning what I wanted to do for my birthday today.   I said I never been to Carroll county and that county is probably the richest county in Ohio today.  So off we went to Carroll county.  Our first stop was the square in front of the county seat, we wandered into Archer's and had a BLT with the best homemade potato chips you could imagine.  Since it was Sunday and 1:30 PM, the place was pretty much empty.  The waitresses were very nice people and sat down with us to tell us about the oil boom in Carroll county.  It definitely is a much different attitude than the urbanites in Youngstown being brainwashed to be antifrackers.  The people of Carrollton know a good thing for their community when they see it, the town is booming.

From Carrollton, we were advised to drive to Atwood Lake.  Now that was a very nice drive and the Lake view was paradise.  We drove around the lake then we headed to the Atwood Resort.  It lifted my spirit to see the old resort saved from the wrecking ball mainly because Carroll county now is in a position to support the historic site, boy does that resort have a view of Atwwod lake.  My wife and I had a tour of the facility and ended up at the bar, a beer for me and ice cream for her.  The bartender was absolutely a great hostess.  The minute we sat down, the local next to us with his straw hat started talking to us and telling us about Carrol county, he just retired from working for BP, he started with SOHIO.  I bought him a beer and he invited my wife and I to his upcoming barn party.  Then a pipe welder from Louisiana sat down and told us how he will be working up here in Ohio for the next three years, he confirmed that many like him bring RV's up here and look to rent pads in resort type areas.  We left the resort after dinner and the idea of coming back to stay for a few days.

What I came away with from this visit was that Carroll county from a sleepy little town with a very little future to be much more,  now has been transformed into a vibrant community that is growing.  Just being at the Atwood resort we could feel and see the excitement that their minerals have brought them and how taking a risk to revive the resort has no downside to the locals.

Funny when I asked the local about fractivist, his answer was they're the ones with no land. 


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I live in Carroll County and our farm is scheduled for a drilling pad. The guy in the straw hat is Carl and I will be at the barn party. See you there.

Tell Carl I didn't get no invitation.

Gerald and Paul,

We might just come down to the barn party, now that we know some locals.  My wife and I thought that upcoming Oil Baron Ball at Atwood resort is neat as a fun thing.

Happy birthday Ron

Funny thing, that's not even the best geology, far from it, that corridor of Harrison, Guernsey, Belmont, Noble and Monroe is gonna do 3x the liquids as Carroll County.... glad to see Chesapeake missed the sweet spot...

Thank you Ragnars.


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