Story: "Marathon could build storage caverns in Harrison Co."
Read the story linked below.

My Comments on this:

No one will pressurize Ethane in underground formations in the Eastern US without a thorough, legitimate, Safety Analysis Study, so the first part of the story is what might have been if God had not stepped in on this massive RICO Fraud by returning Federal, State, and County governments back to We The People.

The 2nd story needs to be read while keeping in mind that Williams is owned by Chesapeake Energy, and they may have split Williams into additional shell companies, Williams this and Williams as you would expect.

The government of Canada is presently under the full control of globalists, and if God hadn't stepped in (The Alliance is now forming) the Citizens of Canada would have been retired, but not in the way we think of retirement.

The globalists declared long ago ( See the Georgia Guide Stones: ) that they would eventually depopulate to 500 Million of their kind on Earth.

Those who know Freedom are a threat to the globalist, so US Citizens would not have been included in the 500 Million who would have been made up of those who would serve the One World Religion planned by the current pope. Some know the Truth, many will learn the Truth.

Why would Our elected officials hand over Ohio's bright future to the Canadian Pension Board. This is Robbing from Ohio's Citizens to further enrich the globalists, not to mention Treason since China is in Our Domestic Oil & Gas plays.


The Good News, Ohioans will have no deduction leases when the US Treasury takes over domestic oil & gas assets. We have paid for and will own all of the infrastructure that Chesapeake is currently using to over charge Ohioans so they, Chesapeake and Encino can have it all, ROYALTY FREE.

A rich man could more easily pass through the eye of a needle, than to enter through the gates of Heaven.

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You often refer back to GOD making things right very soon Ron.

Please explain to me your interpretation of God.

Granddad Ladd

Interesting reply but not a very good explanation!

Some one once said that "MONEY" was the only "GOD" they knew that really existed.

Trying to figure what "GOD" means to people in general is very confusing to say the least.  Just trying to understand what, why and how "GOD" even exists has put many a badly confused person in a padded room for an extended length of time.

There are hundreds or even thousands of people who think they have a direct line of communication  to a supreme being. A being that tells them what is about to take place and what must be done to avoid disaster.  

The sad part of it is millions of other folks rely on what a certain individual says and they fail to use the brain power they may have and make really stupid choices, resulting in terrible situations for themselves.

Religion and politics are two of the subjects that are most likely to cause hatred among the human specie!

Granddad Ladd

Hey comrade.  Is your God named Putin?

Opened this hoping that some actual facts were hidden within. Foolish me.

Interesting how you actually believe that the government....Treasury dept..... will somehow be the savior of mineral rights owners.  How naive of you....

This website is an absolute joke.

Clickbait nonsense. Where is Keith???

No Richard not a  joke.  Just folks trying to express their thoughts by blaming everyone else for their misfortune and the bad choices they have made. And GREEDINESS and the total control certain folks want over everyone else without consideration of their offspring or anyone else!

Granddad Ladd

Yes it is a Joke. Richard is correct.


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