Need Leasing/Drilling in central Crawford Co. - OGM Lease Released recently

Attorney working with a consultant I'm connected with got Atlas Res. to come in and plug/cap the well that transferred with some acreage I bought a few years back.  Open for some leasing now, that I'm out from under the previous owner's gas lease and they managed to get them to honor the lease without any litigation.  Only took a few phone calls to the right people, then wait for them to respond.  It's nice to have unencumbered property ready for the leasing.  Right in the middle of the 'wet' fairway and about 9 miles from the Staab well....   Need good testing results from that well, to help me out...  Life is looking up!!!

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I'd read the Crawford County posts from recent months - there's no leasing going on in that area right now. Mediocre drilling results are to blame. You can get the latest there.

Jesse;  That is not accurate. Once Cx announces a deal with a company, the fee goes to 8% for anyone not already a member of the group in the area of interest. Cx does this because they want people to be members during the negotiation phase as it gives the landowners more leverage to get the best deal. Also, it is not fair to landowners that joined the group and helped build it to have the same fees as others that sat on the fence and waited without contributing.


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