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How do you interpret the Utica's prospective development for North Western Pennsylvania (along with North Eastern Ohio) Mr. Walker ? ?

What's your read ? ?

Thinking somewhat in the nearer future myself (than further East / North Eastern Pennsylvania).

If I go by what's been written here about it (and I, the cynic, am 'tongue in cheek' about it to be honest, as you may have gathered by now) they have yet to 'crack the code' to harvest it most efficiently / effectively.

Not really buying that argument as they've been at this business for over 200 years now and in the natural world there are only so many ways / techniques to extract / harvest natural gas and oil from any given composite strata consisting of rock / shale / clay / brine, etc.  

Personally, I'm thinking if the resource is there they already know how to harvest it and that they'll do when they think it best.

Hi Joseph

I hope all is well with you out there in the west.  Only reason I responded to Sally is because I live back here in NEPA, in the county (Bradford County, PA) alongside her county.  My knowledge of happenings 200 miles distant is quite poor.  I AM a huge Cleveland Cavaliers fan, if that curries me any favor with you.  I listen to all the games on WTAM (AM 1100 Cleveland) and I especially enjoy that I can understand nearly every word Matthew Dellavedova utters even though he is a foreigner!!  However:

I've never once heard your Utica shale discussed during the Cavaliers broadcasts.  If you believe more will become known, in the fullness of time, about Utica drilling . . . we agree.  Heck, even Marcellus drilling technique has continued to evolve.  I believe you guys are sitting on a Utica gold mine out there.  Got no proof, though.

The Utica wells are more expensive than Marcellus to drill.  I think the gas companies are probing Utica now to obtain the "lay of the land".  But even more serious and widespread Utica exploitation will have to await manifestly higher NG prices IMO. 

Thank you for your analysis Frank.

We do agree that more will be known pertaining to Utica development given more time - but that's true of anything isn't it ?

My take is (a little different than yours however) in that I believe enough is known to begin to develop it in any geography within which it exists already (should they want to) - and that the learning process will continue to evolve only once they begin in earnest. 

But for now it seems to be stalled - politics / elections / over supplied market / OPEC / SA / Iran / Iraq / Russia / Communism / Socialism / China / North Korea / New World Order Philosophy / Wars / Radical Fundamentalist Islam Jihads / Jihadists / not enough profit to drill / develop - ETC, ETC, ETC and so forth.  Every excuse in the book.

Hopefully better days ahead Frank.

Thanks again for your response.

Good luck to all of us.

Thanks Keith.

These maps are larger and of much better quality / resolution than others I've seen on another post earlier today - to say it the short way much easier to read on my mobile device !

Thanks again.

It does look as 180-200ft thick Utica shale area's in Pa are the better producing area's.

Thank you Keith, Great Information !

what do the faults mean in respect to the amount of gas being there. We are in the bottom left corner of greene co. Spring hill TWP. Stone throw from Wetzel Co. WVA. 

I have minerals in Greene county, Jackson and Center township. Has there been much activity there? Am I correct in assuming that the Utica shale is there as well as  the Rome trough? Thanks. Debbie

per the map Greene CO. has it all rome INCLD. 

Thanks Carp, from what I know of the maps I have seen it is very close to our parcels. Someone also mentioned to me that either Bristoria or Macedonia roads would be closed in Oct. Not sure what that might be for.


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