After reviewing comments and posts, I've decided to add the below rule to our Community Guidelines. Please be aware of this rule going forward.

Do not post disruptive off-topic responses: These forums are for and about Shale. We do, however, allow non-disruptive off-topic discussion in our forums as fitting with the community of posters who frequent them. A site user can see the title and decide if they want to participate. Any topics that are volatile are discouraged and can be removed at our discretion. The less connected to shale and energy the post is, the more likely it will be deleted and a warning issued. What is absolutely prohibited is posting a response/reply that does not directly relate to the original post. It's selfish and it disrupts the process of learning and networking.

Our complete guidelines can be found here - or under the Home tab.

Thank you.

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Totally reasonable in all particulars. Sad that it was needed, but now that it is here it should help to make the forum better. Well done Keith.

Good idea. Hope it helps. This has been a very valuable and informative site that helped a lot of landowners. You done good, Keith!!

So glad you did this.  I had asked a question on how Encino can and still does take extra of our money and what was being done about how to stop this and  the subject went off the rails so much that I quit following.  Still don't have an answer but did see where Encino is being sued but not sure about what. 

Will start following again. Thank you

Man I am so glad to see this necessary change to this important site.... you are not alone , I also have ADHD.  This condition prevents me from skipping a topic or a comment on this site.   I get stuck on the “off topic comments “  and can never seem to find my way back to the original thread.    Thank you for mitigating my situation


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