Rig is on the Noss farm,if you have more news please post.

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They drilled to two different strata if i remember right. I don't know which one gave up the liquids though

They drilled 3 Marcellus and 1 UD Burkett well. All 4 would be virtually the same BTU heat content approximately 1350 BTU super rich aka very rich wet gas, ie. condensates = C5+ (5 carbon atoms or longer chain hydrocarbons). Organic chemistry coming into use outside of pharmacy finally! Lol
They also trucked off multiple bbl's of condensate from the Paris Sportsman's Club pad in extreme NW Wash County (where I grew up!).

The pipeline runs through the McMichael farm just east southeast or the Noss farm. Plans were to put a compressor station on the McMichael farm. I have not heard any news lately for the station. The McMichael pad is right next to the line. I have also heard that the Brunton farm is in line for a pad. The pipeline runs either through the farm or just next to it. The Brutton farm is just north of the McMichael farm. Also, going south toward planed plant are the Diablo well and the Kovatch well (the pipeline runs between them) and the Blasco well is west of the Diablo well and the Kovach well. Also the line is not that far west of the airport where CNX is drilling. Atlas (Chevron) has a well site that is just south of the Diablo well maybe 2 or 3 miles. I guess the question would be is why are they putting in pads right next to the line if they can't use it? Maybe put in more lines?..I have noticed RRC has been trying to lease the properties along the line going north to the Shell plant location.

I'm sure there's a good reason Gary, but I don't know at this point!  If they could connect to the Mariner West ethane pipeline, I'm sure they already would be.

I think you're right though - put in gathering lines adjacent to the Mariner West -- that way they already have the ROW agreements in place with less further disturbance & environmental impact.


Read through this & let me know what you think:


Apparently, the same company ETE (Energy Transfer Equity) owns both Sunoco Logistics (Mariner West pipeline - EXPANDABLE) and Energy Transfer Partners (Hillman plant, compressor, Hillman lateral & Rover pipeline)

Mariner West


Ethane pipeline from Houston, PA to Sarnia, Ontario


4Q 2013 at ~20 MB/D


Ramping up to ~50 MB/D by 4Q 2014 (expandable)

Perhaps the "expandable" part is key.


Page 55 of Range Company Presentation 9-12-14:


That's exactly what they'll do -- see the pipelines to the south -- they'll most likely be adding an MWE NGL line adjacent to the MWE purity ethane line.

That's most likely why on Page 16, RRC is illustrating it as an NGL pipeline.

I received a letter from a landman for Range Resources ("Shale Land Services") yesterday.

I'm one mile due South from the Noss Well and want to prepare for negotiations with him.

I have six acres and was wondering what's a good dollar amount per acre and royalty that might be acceptable? 

I was approached last year by Chesapeake but they refused to give me a "Non Surface" agreement so I turned them down.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,


Hey JPY how you doing! My suggestion would be minimum 3250 per acre and 22.5 % gross no deductions to start with.
Good luck. Rich

Any news here?

Pipe line being put into site now

Finally the Noss well is going to be connected. It has been years-the fplks in the unitl will soon be getting royalties. The Noss well should be a very good producing well in my opinion. I saw the rig there on March 6th, 2012.

Found a note on my door today from range. They want to talk about an admendment radification. Will call them tomorrow.


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