ODNR revokes drilling permit for Everflow well in Massillon (Ohio) - Canton Repository

This is a typical vertical well but the fact that ODNR states that the driller falsified the application

thus causing its permit revocation may signal a change in the rubber-stamp forced - pooling board. 

When you read the article, note that Everflow is alleged to have falsified the existence of a lease on force-pooled property. A city owner pushed back and apparently nailed them on it.

Folks, I'm telling you that information that is supplied to the state, whether by O/G or by Pipelines, is very nearly ALL rubber stamped by either ODNR or other jurisdictional agencies.

Not because they are evil or incompetent or "on the take'.

They are very seriously overwhelmed by the workload that is being passed on to them.

Looks like this Landowner did his due diligence, his HOMEWORK, learned about the system and took them to task.

We all need his drive to learn about our little piece of this new world!

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This shows that the system works when landowners make the effort.

I find it a little strange that the initiator of this discussion tries to make a point about something by providing an example of the opposite of your proposition. Not saying it is, or isn't, a valid point, but based on the only example provided in this particular instance, the evidence presented says the system works. 


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