The Ohio DNR has posted the 1st qtr. 2016 production numbers. Click on shale activity and then well production.


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ODNR production data is worthless due to no verification at the well.

The data is only as good as producer honesty.

This is Oil & Gas not the ODNR office coffee fund.

That's how it has always been since the dawn of Oil & Gas... I don't know of any state that has meters hooked up to individual wells to double check the operators reported production. This is something landowners should consider when leasing (is this operator known to be shady) instead of just seeing $$$. 

Have you ever tried to request your own independent audit of the CHK production numbers? Some leases state you're allowed to do that. That seems like the most cut and dry method of proving you're being ripped off. I'm surprised you haven't set up trail cams so you can accurately count the number of trucks leaving the site, although you'd have to figure out how to distinguish the brine haulers from the "profit theft vehicles"... 

I've asked the ohio tax commissioner (otc) to do an audit of Buck Well 1H, that's his job, part of collecting his pay check. He receives a copy of the producer reported volumes along with the ODNR.

Most any one of us would have checked on Chesapeake Energy due to News reports of their volume reporting misconduct in the US.

According to the ohio tax commissioners office, Ohio will have digital transmitting meters sending the flow rate/volume signals to the state starting in 2017. This information came from the Dairy Farmer who spoke to the otc's office, someone you can trust, unlike our producer. 

Funny you should mention Trail Cameras, the lawyers suggested we use them at one of our wells. Sounds like you might be someone who doesn't want trail cameras or you would probably not be aware of this topic.

We have the best lease in the Nation but Chesapeake always finds a few words to re-interpret to allow them to not pay, regardless of the quality of the lease.

What if the rest of the country were allowed to sign contracts then use a lawyer to come up with a reason not to follow the contract as written. Society would collapse due to an understandable lack of trust. Chesapeake is sowing the seeds of mistrust across the nation, something a fragile Democracy may not be able to endure for years to come.

Don't assume that KAR doesn't want trail cameras, those are the types of statements that make people move on to read other poster's comments and dismiss those who make assumptions.

Correct, I also skip certain posters comments.
For the record, I have nothing to do with CHK - nor do I care if you actually use trail cams or not. It was a joke. To me it wouldn't be worth it, but each to their own.

distinguishing the money trucks is simply noting the number on the placards.........if they are flying flames, they are haulin' cash


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