trying to determine how far from horizontal well is considered part of a drilling unit.  On ODNR (pic attached) it appears that there is a 550' buffer on the outskirts of the lateral well per the details of a sample I attached from a platmap.  Can anyone confirm that a mineral owner within the dashes lines on the map in this 550' region will infact be included in that well regarding receiving royalties?   My research concludes mixed answers, not sure if varies from state, lease language of driller. 

Any help would be great , if available/possible please cite your source

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It depends on the lease holder. sometimes they will include 1/2 of an acre on a large parcel so the can hold the whole thing but only pay royalties on 1/2 acre.Sometimes they will include more of the acreage in the production unit. It may depend also on your lease wording. you will probably have to wait for the actual Division orders. Good luck. You may not have any control over the outcome without paying out the yingyang to an attorney .

Thanks bo, had meeting last wk w/ attorney, I didn't get a straight answer concerning this question...maybe because all the variables involved.  Leased with hess but most likely will be in cravat coal well ( ascent resources) if drill bit turns 180* and drills northwest.  Pic attached of existing well, my approx projected laterals for near future shown in red.  Using the measurement tool on ODNR, I would have have +/- 8 acres ....measuring 550' buffer outside of the laterals.  

Any other experienced comments welcomed!




What township/s? 

Shortcreek & wheeling TWP.

ok, I will be following up w/ legal council for answers to my question.  Setback distance, pooling, Pugh clause, std spacing requirements..etc are just starters for me to have clarified.  I want to understand my situation entirely, beforereceiving a "pooling declaration" and "division order"!!

  Bo thx again for your input, it opened up my eyes to just one more complicated part of this O&G game.  

I'm a proactive player in this game, ask & inform yourself as much as possible, and as early as possible !! .....


I believe the buffer zone is 500'.....look at the cramblett plat, it shows a 500' buffer zone (actually labels it 500' buffer)......also on the Delmar plat there is a non-perforation zone (about 1,000') in the middle of the lateral, in order to maintain the 500' buffer from a small piece of non-leased property that jags into the (otherwise) rectangle drilling unit.

I have seen many plats with a 550' setback.....but I think they are giving themselves a extra buffer because some of the "as drilled" setbacks are less than 550' but more than 500'.

the buffer at the ends of the units are smaller....120'.......the state allowed that quite a few years ago....u can see 500' end buffer on the older cramblett well and the 120' on the newer Delmar.


Booger, I went to school with a "snot " , any relation? ...Kidding 

thanks for ur comment and attachments.  I have now looked at many plats with varying outside buffer measurements,  just as you have indicated.  Anywhere From 400' up to 591'.  so it looks like no std distance, must be on a "per drilling unit basis" taking into account driller,surrounding leaseholders..etc

 I will add additional comments to this thread if other considerations apply...after consulting w/ ESQ

if you are in the unit, you will be listed.  Occasionally well bores go outside the unit lines as they make a turn, however the perf'd areas are all within the unit itself.  Anyone included in the unit will receive royalties.


Just curious if you learned anything new about this potential well expansion onto your property.  Sure seems like the next logical step

No expansion news so far.   Checking new well permits monthly and chatting with neighbors at the water cooler.

anticipating 1st quArter production report to hit the ODNR...should be soon.  Good well #'s nearby keeps me optimistic.

Thanks for interest , U got dogs in this fight "LIED"?  I can't tell much about u from ur profile other than- interested in harr. cnty oh. 

Best regards, 




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