Ohio Issues New Form Landmen Must have Landowners Sign & Return

September 12, 2019 Industrywide Issues, Ohio, Regulation, Statewide OH

Link To Story: https://marcellusdrilling.com/2019/09/ohio-issues-new-form-landmen-...

You may recall news from last year that an Ohio Supreme Court ruling requires landmen to have a real estate license in order to get paid–IF they are compensated via a commission and/or royalties for the deals they broker (see OH Supreme Court Rules Independent Landmen Need Real Estate License).....

But they do need landowners to fill out a new form and sign it in six places.


      It appears that those who "Run The Show" in Ohio are working hard to make the theft Landowners have experienced "Go Away".

Don't give more than one signature if that many, to any Oil & Gas company. The only signer who must follow the terms of an Oil & Gas contract/lease are the Landowners. The O&G companies have stolen the Gold and are investing it wisely, which means without an Act of God, Citizens will not see justice.

You can now sign away all of Your protection for a false promise to be paid a fair Royalty. Today, those who have the Gold Rules, but not after the Storm.

The Act Of God is the coming Storm.

Pray for Our President, Our Military and the NSA who are working hard to end Corruption in Our Nation and will return all forms of Government, County, State and Federal to We The People.

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