Ohio Issues New Form Landmen Must have Landowners Sign & Return

September 12, 2019 Industrywide Issues, Ohio, Regulation, Statewide OH

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You may recall news from last year that an Ohio Supreme Court ruling requires landmen to have a real estate license in order to get paid–IF they are compensated via a commission and/or royalties for the deals they broker (see OH Supreme Court Rules Independent Landmen Need Real Estate License).....

But they do need landowners to fill out a new form and sign it in six places.


      It appears that those who "Run The Show" in Ohio are working hard to make the theft Landowners have experienced "Go Away".

Don't give more than one signature if that many, to any Oil & Gas company. The only signer who must follow the terms of an Oil & Gas contract/lease are the Landowners. The O&G companies have stolen the Gold and are investing it wisely, which means without an Act of God, Citizens will not see justice.

You can now sign away all of Your protection for a false promise to be paid a fair Royalty. Today, those who have the Gold Rules, but not after the Storm.

The Act Of God is the coming Storm.

Pray for Our President, Our Military and the NSA who are working hard to end Corruption in Our Nation and will return all forms of Government, County, State and Federal to We The People.

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Who is US Shale Holdings?  They are sending numerous landowners for in Eastern Columbiana County the landman disclosure form for landowners to sign before they will move further with negotiating with property owner.  Some say they are not a leasing entity but a lease option entity.  Ron, how do you feel about Lease Optioners"?

Oh dear lord...are you trying to give him a stroke

Sign Nothing.

Domestic Oil & Gas has been proven to not be trustworthy from Sea to Shining Sea.

After Corruption is removed from Our Nation, which is in progress, Every Landowner will be treated fairly.

Only one landowner on this website has stated that he was treated fairly, but I doubt he knows how much a horizontal well produces.

Some Landowners say "It's better than nothing" while handing over their fortune to those who are already rich.

Chesapeake enters States around Our Nation and sets up camp, gets to know those who will allow access to the States Citizens, then goes to the State Supreme Court for permission to change the leases they signed with Landowners from No Deduction Leases as stated in the Leases to EVERY DEDUCTION IMAGINABLE to arrive at paying a 1% Royalty.

When Chesapeake went to the Ohio Supreme Court they were NOT given the OK to take deductions at the Well Head but were told that each lease must be followed as written. You can see for Yourself if you watch the event at The Ohio Channel, video "Lutz vs Chesapeake" January 5, 2016 at the Ohio Channel: http://www.ohiochannel.org/video/case-no-2015-0545-regis-f-lutz-et-... The two lawyers in the video are friends, enough said.

I saw where Chesapeake claims that a Federal Judge gave them the Well Head deductions that they needed to conduct their Ohio Theft. I believe that the Ohio Supreme Courts decision outweighs the decision of one federal judge due to the fact that monetary influence over one judge is more likely than when a Supreme Court of 7 Judges are involved. But this point is mute after the Storm hits Ohio.

It would be impossible to remove Corruption from Our Nation without checking each politician, doctor, lawyer, judge and Company ceo to see if they have been corrupt as determined by how they have obtained their fortunes. The evidence is in the Hammer Super Computer.
I predict Our Nation will have a severe shortage of politicians, judges, lawyers and ceos over the coming year since each of the above indicted will have a fair Military Tribunal to determine how they are to be dispositioned.

Domestic Oil and Gas has been corrupt from the first well in PA in the 1800s to present, so it is a given that Domestic Oil and Gas companies will become the Property of We The People when they are deposited in the US Treasury, per the Corruption Executive Order signed by Our President Trump on 12/21/17, which can be found on whitehouse.gov. I believe We The People will pay each landowner a Fair Royalty.

Foreign Producers in Our Nation such as Total E&P of France (and possibly China), Encino of Canada which is owned by China and others, and Chinese Producers, will be removed from Our Nation. The word Treason applies here to those who allowed Our Enemies into Our Domestic Energy.

Don't forget to pray for Our President, Our Military and the NSA who will remove Corruption from Our Nation and return Our Governments, back to We The People.

Well said, Ron

Thanks Walt.

The credit goes to God.

Knowing the history of US Domestic Oil & Gas, their Greed & Ethics Issues, it would be wise to ignore all pressure to sign any document related to Oil & Gas.
If You don't sign a lease there is no contract that can be misinterpreted by Esquires used by the O&G companies to allow them to take it all, as we have all experienced.
They can take nothing from under Your land legally unless You are Force Pooled by Your State, which may use another name for this but the result is similar.

West Virginia's law as written gave landowners the advantage over O&G thieves by allowing the highest signing bonus in the Unit and the largest Royalty in the Unit, but over time that has become something less as those who interpret the laws want to favor the O&G company for unknown reasons $$$. It may be the average bonus and Royalty in the unit which is a sorry amount to be sure, since most Landowners sign a bad lease in each Unit. But ownership does have it's advantages. At least You won't be paid a 1% Royalty.

The ex-esquires will claim that's not true since if something goes wrong at the Well You will be held liable, but when has any Well issue been reported to We The People? Big Oil & Gas has Big money to hide spills, make theft lawsuits & arbitraitions "go away", or claim that nothing happened.

Smart Landowners will enjoy the advantage of being protected by the Big Money when they don't sign a Lease or Right of Way Contract. Can any Landowner make the same claims after signing any document for those Nice People from out West?

Pray for Our President, Our Military and the NSA who will remove those who are Corrupt from Our Nation.

No Landowner across Our Nation should feel embarrassed that they were taken advantage of by Oil and Gas Companies. Paying too much for a vehicle is something You might want to keep a secret, but when You've signed the best Lease known to man like many Ohioans have done, only to have a Corrupt company declare all 15 pages void because of how one sentence is interpreted is nothing but pure greed and Ohio RICO Fraud. Huge sums of US Landowner stolen Royalties have been spent to prevent Justice and secure the funds of this Biblical Theft that has been committed.

One cowboy said that a well is a gamble, which is not True. Buying a Lottery Ticket is a gamble, signing a lease in the largest shale oil find on Earth, the Appalachian Basin Utica Shale is a sure thing.

When I signed my lease with Chesapeake a Texas Landowner laughed at me and all that had signed with Chesapeake, he was already familiar with their method of Operation, sign then steal.
Leasing to Chesapeake or any US Domestic O&G companies is a sure thing that You will be defrauded.

Being told a Well is dry when it is producing is a very high probability and I know Several Wells that are producing Oil and other products that have been declared dry of Oil or Not Producing at all in order to defraud the Landowners in those Units.

The Bucey Marcellus Well in Summittville, Ohio is sealed per the ODNR but showing production on documents I have. The Paige Wells, Pitts and adjacent Wells in Summittville are also producing all Well products including Oil, but those who own the Land in those Units are being told the Wells are dry of Oil because they are Farmers living on large parcels of land and can't be allowed to have the wealth that is theirs, in the minds of those who own Chesapeake Energy and now Encino. Those Landowners can continue paying the increase in Real Estate taxes due to having Well Products they aren't allowed to benefit from.

Anyone in the NSA assigned to develop a case against Chesapeake or Encino executives for their Military Tribunals, need only to read the Henceroth vs Chesapeake lawsuit or the Hale vs Chesapeake Arbitration, listen to my phone calls over the years to various "authorities", read my posts here & emails, and they will have all items of theft committed by these Ohio RICO Fraudsters.

I'm sure there will be a planned sequence of who goes to their Military Tribunal first to allow plenty of evidence to be gathered in Testimony for those who ran these Domestic Well Product theft operations, those who sold Domestic Oil and Gas holdings to US Enemies and those who sold out their own Citizens for cash.

The list of those convicted using the Uniform Code of Military Justice will be very long when Justice is finally served.

Don't forget to say a Prayer for Our President D.J.Trump, Our Military and the NSA who will rid Our Nation of those who are Corrupt and allow the Brighter Days Promised then stolen by Corruption to be seen across Our Nation. .

Yesterday I met someone who has sold their land in West Virginia but kept the Minerals. An O&G Producer has a Well Pad on that land and is not paying Royalties to the Mineral Owners. They are in violation of a New WV Law.

This Mineral Rights Owner has a lawyer, but if the world doesn't change before the lawyer has his way with the Mineral Rights Owner, they will be defrauded out of not only their Minerals but the cash paid to the Lawyer. This is a Win Win situation for those who have been above the Law for too long.

Let's hear from all Landowners who have had their theft corrected by a Lawyer and actually know how much the Well Products being taken from their Wells are worth. The volumes and actual value of well products will not be revealed to a Landowner, but the NSA does have 2 months of close to actual production in "Discovery Data" from Chesapeake Energy.

US Domestic Oil & Gas was going to be another "Transfer of Wealth" from US Citizens to Esquires as was done with Tobacco, Asbestos, Black Lung and other Class Action Suits where a little something was given to those who suffered the damage, while those elected to ensure Equal Justice Under The Law shared in the wealth.

Not long ago West Virginia changed their laws to require O&G Thieves to set aside the money owed to those in a Unit that they "can't locate", and hold that money in an account for a given period of time, then the cash will belong to the State of WV if the owners can't be found. I wonder if there is a $1,000 finders fee like Charleston charges in admin fees when Aires are located who own mineral rights in land already sold to a Landman at auction. Pay the $1,000 and past Real Estate Taxes due and You become the owner along with 32 others who didn't pay the taxes.

With WV Real Estate Taxes being set up so that land can be separated into Surface and Mineral Rights, for Parcels where the Surface Rights have been separated from the Mineral Rights, it should be easy to find this Mineral Rights owner in the Treasurers or Auditors office, since they are sent a Real Estate Tax bill each year.

There are many cases where 30 or more landowners or mineral owners exist for a parcel of land, due to the passing of several generations of owners. The Royalty money for these parcels that the owner can't be found is to be set aside for all regardless of number.
It is highly probable that this new law will be done as has been done with many other State laws when Oil & Gas companies are involved and the State prefers to "not get involved" in Oil & Gas disputes at the owner level, but will take cash in hand when offered, will lead to the O&G company doing what they want, ignoring all laws that control a States Hydrocarbons. More often than not, this has been the case since the first Oil Well in PA.

Soon all will know the Truth, that those we placed in a position of trust to Serve We The People served themselves instead.

Pray for Our President, Our Military and the NSA who will remove Corruption from Our Nation.

There is Nothing New Under The Sun, but as in the Days Of Noah, something old has once again returned. The Truth will one day be revealed to All. To use a Quality Assurance quote "I know because I saw".

I've had several requests for a copy of the Encino News Letter that was published to ease the pain of theft through good will, a great gesture, almost human, but not quite.

I can't share my copy here due to violating copyright rules, so I suggest that those of You who would like a copy contact Encino Betty in Houston Texas. Please don't send Your requests by Certified Mail, these folks are a nervous lot, almost as if they were foreign spies, and won't sign for Certified Mail. Isn't that odd? They probably don't know that the NSA knows all of them, but we will allow them to think no one knows who they are for now. I don't won't to pay good tax dollars too locate them at the edge of the Earth where they would go if they knew what is about to happen. The NSA says that "No One Escapes" so keep Your Texas address please.

Encino Betty may require that You sign over Your holdings to Encino so she can pay You a "fair" Royalty, which will qualify You to be an Encino News Letter recipient.
Those who live in the affected Counties can go to their Courthouse where those who have partnered with Encino work for now. I'm sure they will have a copy of the News Letter on their desks to show how great it is to have Encino in Our County, as was done with Chesapeake. The foreclosures have been way up which keeps what was the Citizens money, flowing to all of the right places.

When everyone is settled into their cells at GITMO and other Military facilities around the US, I'll send out the GITMO Edition of the Encino News Letter so those in lock up will know where their fellow Corrupt friends & those who have allowed them into Our State & Counties are being held. I don't think Military Lock Ups have congical visits, so the Corrupt will have to make do.

There will be those who are held temporarily. For them I'm trying to get permission to make a large number of asbestos copies of the GITMO Edition so those who are scheduled to meet their end, can take their copy to their final destination down below. Dying of Asbestosis will not be an issue for those who are foreign spies or have committed Treason.

The number of asbestos copies required to go around will be a surprise to most, but that's what happens when Treason is committed during a Time Of War which was declared in 2002.

Hopefully more landowners are starting see an improvement towards the 1% Royalty Chesapeake was paying. They owe many Landowners the additional 19% Royalty in their leases plus the deductions that were not allowed to be taken. Then comes the Ohio RICO Fraud penalty. Read On.

One landowner lost 75% of his previous years royalty through Chesapeake's initial theft when they had enough leases signed and had the "right people" in their pocket. He was crying that he needed a "Good lawyer team". Good luck with that. Our lawyers have been Esquires serving the Royalty of England from the first lawyer in the US, until 6/5/19 when President Trump ended the Jamestown Charter of 1606. You'll hear more on this topic soon enough.

A year later this same landowner was getting a royalty that was acceptable to him so he was now on the "Chesapeake Team". He doesn't know how bad Ohio's theft is or he would continue going after those who have stolen from him.

I'll stop speaking out against Chesapeake, Encino, Total, and all US Domestic Oil & Gas companies after they are deposited in the US Treasury, those who are guilty of this +100 year theft against US Citizens have been locked up awaiting their Military Tribunal, and All US Citizens are paid the amount that was stolen per their leases plus damages.

Ohioans will need 3 times their losses per the Ohio RICO Fraud law which penalizes those who dare to steal from multiple Ohio Citizens. Ohio RICO Fraud comes from one of many crimes, and for Landowners Chesapeake has committed Theft By Deception against 2 or more Landowners 2 months in a Row. That happened every month from the first well that started production in January 2011. US Mail Fraud was committed due to using the mail to send out fraudulent Royalty Statements. There are many other laws that were violated and documented in the Henceroth Case.
Some thefts that were not documented in the lawsuit were identified and reported to the ODNR which they decided to take the responsibility for by taking no action. The concept of No Corruption in the US is hard for those who have always done business in a corrupt fashion, to grasp, but they will see the light soon enough.

Chesapeake thinks their responsibility for RICO Fraud from 2011 to 2019 was taken by Encino, but that's not the Case in a Military Tribunal.
Encino committed their own Ohio RICO Fraud with their 2nd months Royalty Theft checks/statements.

Total E&P has paid no Ohio Landowners, they trusted Chesapeake to pass the money on to Ohioans, but I told them Chesapeake was keeping the Royalties they were given to hand out to us. The excuse "We Didn't Know" is blocked by one email I wrote to them, and there may have been a letter sent as well. The DOJ was notified by letter. Total is guilty of Ohio RICO Fraud. I hope their holdings in France are worth the 3 Times the Theft Committed against Ohioans, since that amount is coming due soon.

I have to admit that this month Encino has paid me to make up for some of the past several months of theft, but the amount paid out is close to the 1% Chesapeake has paid out, and no where near the 20% Gross Royalty that I have in my Lease. The One Time Total E&P check for 27 cents remains an issue which has not been corrected or forgotten by me.

So far those I've asked about their Royalties have said that they are still far below the 1% Royalty Chesapeake paid.

One Landowner is receiving $3 per acre and has been told that this is his Fair Royalty. He may not be long for this World due to the anguish and anger this is causing him. I've been telling him for 2 years plus what is coming but he refuses to believe me. Don't be foolish like this Landowner, the day is soon coming when all Thefts will be revealed and corrected with Penalties added to Your Ohio RICO Theft recovery.

Humans by nature are good, but sometimes they forget this important fact "To Thine Own Self Be True". I've seen this in situations where a corporation is paying well enough that they own their employees who will do anything to keep a job during a time of high unemployment. They take abuse and will not become whistle blowers due to the 8 year reign of the Kenyan in the Whitehouse, who attempted to change Our Nation in a negative way by penalizing whistle blowers.

As those who are in charge of corporations and governments that are currently conducting the O&G fraud and other corrupt schemes are Rounded Up, those below them will be free to tell the Truth, all of it. This is when the huge sums stolen from US Citizens across Our Nation will be revealed. No theft will go unreported and there are many thefts as the well products make the trip from the Well Head to the end user.

For Ohioans, Total E&P will pay up the 25% Royalty owed times the penalty for Ohio RICO Fraud which = 75%.

Encino and Chesapeake will pay up the 75% Royalty owed times the penalty which = 225% each.

You can see why it is time to celebrate the removal of Corruption from the US and not allow the theft in progress to cause negative feelings that can ruin Your days and Your health. Chesapeake, Encino and Total E&P have already lost this war, they just don't know it yet.

On the Bright side, when You receive the Huge Checks that are due, there will be no lawyer taking a share of it, no IRS and no State Tax to pay as we have done in the past. The World is changing for the better, President Trump has a plan to allow US Citizens to keep what is theirs, unlike in the past.

I know what is coming because I follow Q.

There are many videos on You Tube that present what Our President and the White Hats are doing. You can be informed by watching videos by: 1) Serial Brain 2,      2) And We Know,       3) James Red Pills America     and others. The information is True since I've yet to find deception in their stories, except timing, which is reserved by Q to ensure the enemy is kept off guard to upcoming Military Actions & planned events.
I cross check information against what I know and I've yet to see a flaw in what Our President, Q, Our Military and NSA have been doing. They are working the Plan.

When You realize that President Trump's Tweets and Speeches with errors, misspellings, capital letters where they don't belong, are coded messages to We The People, you will begin to see that the War is Won before it begins, and actions in the Future are confirming Q posts from the first post in October 2017 ("Future Proves Past" as often posted by Q).

No one knows the future but God, but some how the future is known, otherwise how can an Old Post by Q be proven correct by current events?


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