Ohio Oil & Gas Producers Are In A Catch 22, No Win Scenario - God Wins, Ohioans Win

In 2018 the Ohio Supreme Court Upheld the fact that all Oil and Gas Leases and Right of Way Contracts have been Real Estate Contracts since before the Oil & Gas Boom. It has been illegal for a Landman to Negotiate these leases and contracts. Any document signed during the violation of Ohio Law is Void in a Court of Law.

Those we elected worked hard to fix this issue for the Oil & Gas Producers, and as of March 2019 Landmen are once again free to roam the hills and valleys of Our Great State, I believe You know what that means.

But can they negotiate Your Signature without telling the TRUTH? Read On.

2006 Ohio Revised Code - 2913.43. Securing Writings by Deception

(A) No person, by deception, shall cause another to execute any writing that disposes of or encumbers property, or by which a pecuniary obligation is incurred.

(B) (1) Whoever violates this section is guilty of securing writings by deception.

This law was violated by every Landman that told You tales to obtain Your Signature.

Ohio isn't as untamed as Texas & Oklahoma, we still have laws on the books that protect Our Citizens.

The only way the New Land Man can avoid Violating 2913.43 is to tell the landowner the TRUTH when he asks for Your Signature (Your Signature Is Everything, don't give it away, make those who want it answer important questions to the point they walk off, if they were trying to defraud You).

This is the TRUTH he/she should tell You:
"The lease and ROW contract You signed are VOID because Landmen failed to have the Required Real Estate License and violated Ohio Law when they Negotiated Your bad lease and fraudulent ROW contracts. Would you please sign these New documents that are also full of fraud that You will regret signing?". 

Note: Check that void ROW Contract You signed for the theft of Your Surface Rights, Cardinal Gas owned it all the last time You signed. I have the contract they used and asked me to sign. They didn't get my signature (look for PERPETUITY which means For EVER).

So if the Landman is that honest and You sign after knowing the Truth, Your relatives can declare you incompetent to have signed those documents, as you rightfully were at the time of signing.

I doubt that current Lawyer will agree with me today since have not re-certified to the latest Law Change in the US, but they will be brought up to speed in September.

Don't sign anything those Nice Landmen bring to Your Door. If you already have signed make notes of the Fraud they used to obtain Your Signature. You are protected by 2913.43.

Note to Legislators: Forget trying to change or remove this Revised Code from the books. The 90 day wait period for the change to take place is no longer available, Time has run out.

I have been licensed by a department of Our Federal Government 3 times to Operate in Strict Compliance with the Federal Code Of Regulations. Many Lawyers decline taking on a project with the Federal Government due to the complexity of those Codes. The Ohio Revised Code is Common sense that any Ohio Citizen can read, understand and follow.

Ohio and All Shale Play States will have the Bright Future Promised before the Theft began. Corruption will no longer be tolerated in Our Nation. The Storm is Coming.

Pray for Our President, Our Military, and The NSA who are working the Plan to remove All corruption from Our Nation.

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Please take your meds
Your embarrassing yourself

Dear Kieth,  I believe this reply by shakeshale fails to conform to Your Policies that forbid abuse of those who Post On Gomarcellusshale.

Please consider blocking ss from posting or provide a warning.   Thank You  Ron Hale



You are in the wrong forum. I'm sure there is a conspiracy theory forum you belong to or can join that your posts are much better suited for.

Dear Keith
Please remove these crazy conspiracy theory post so the sane people on this site can use and enjoy without all the conspiracy BS
If I wanted to talk politics and crazy theories I would run for office



I remember the times when GMS was a resource for gas industry news which helped everyone understand how the emerging gas industry might impact them.   It was a source of information to inform members how to prepare for gas company representative negotiations for well or pad leasing to ROW`s.   It was also a source for information to learn who & where the gas companies were planning to drill.   Granted the industry is and has changed a lot since then but we all still have that need for news and information.   Most postings continue to provide help & information but recently some members have chosen to go beyond those boundaries and have entered into serious political & controversial discussions, many in my opinion to be radical and hateful.   All of these members have important contributions to make which can be helpful to us without the conspiracy theories & comments.

So Keith, this is your blogsite, do you want it to be what it once was as a fantastic source for information, and opportunity for members to share ideas & experiences, or a forum for the type of comments we are reading recently?   In my view, keep the radical & conspiracy comments somewhere else.   My concern is there will be a decline in member contributions who are uncomfortable with recent comments.

Your concern is spot on, may already be happening. Most of us don't want to read that crap.

FG quote from above:  "It was a source of information to inform members how to prepare for gas company representative negotiations for well or pad leasing to ROW`s".

How did that work out for Landowners?

They needed to be coached on how to ensure they might get a fair deal, and how to keep their surface rights, that didn't happen.

I have copies of the many bad leases and the Cardinal Gas Service Row that if signed the surface rights were stolen.

What Landowners need is a way to terminate the bad leases and ROWs, and I have given them the Laws that will soon be enforced once again by Our State.

Encino's 90% theft of the 1% royalty we were being paid by Chesapeake will cause further damage to Ohio Landowners that some won't be able to survive due to Real Estate Taxes and this could push them into desperate actions, if they don't hear the news of the Bright future that will soon give all Landowners what they deserve, the Royalty negotiated in their leases, or they can terminate their leases since they were signed in violation of State Law.

Who benefits when this website meets Your standards?   I know the answer to that.

All that I have said is backed by documents signed by Our President.

The Sealed Federal Indictments are real and how the County makes their money will change.

Ohio Landowners have 15 pages of protection in their leases with Royalties of up to 20% with no Deductions, and we are being asked to accept a 0.1% Royalty, keep quiet and pretend that an O&G will negotiate with us.

Seeing the corrupt being rounded up is exactly what all US Landowners need to see and hear that it is about to happen.

We have lost faith in Our fellow man and it is going to take a boatload of JUSTICE that we would have been denied by "The Current System of "Justice".   


Tell me how all of this benefits US Citizens. It never has, but those days will soon be over.

"but recently some members have chosen to go beyond those boundaries and have entered into serious political & controversial discussions, many in my opinion to be radical and hateful. All of these members have important contributions to make which can be helpful to us without the conspiracy theories & comments.

Beyond those boundaries - Who set these boundaries and what are they?  From what I've observed there are no boundaries or actions that are considered unethical when viewed from the eyes of those who are abusing US Landowners. 

Controversial Discussions - These are topics that offend those who are responsible for Shale Play States having budget shortfalls that are being covered by additional taxation of Citizens while Billions of dollars in well products are being spirited out of those States without being taxed or a royalty paid.

Conspiracy Theory - Definition 

  1. legal Definition of conspiracy: an agreement between two or more people to commit an act prohibited by law or to commit a lawful act by means prohibited by law.

    Note: Those who control the Internet control the definitions contained on the Internet, so there are many definitions of Conspiracy Theory. This is the only definition that comes close to what is actually happening in Shale Play States. No Landowner can deny, and no O&G workers will admit to.

    Radical & Hateful - Find a Canadian Citizen and ask them what Political Correctness and being silenced by those who use the above words have done to their society. Canadian Citizens are under the control of Tyrants and the minority they allowed into their country while they remained silent. This is fact. You can draw a parallel to Marcellus Shale Landowners who have been silenced by this same words of deception.

    Boundaries - appear to be any revealing facts that US Landowners have been under the Largest RICO Fraud to ever hit Our Country, which goes double for the State of Ohio.

    We are Oil and Water and we don't mix well for that reason. This is why Landowners are manhandled when a comment doesn't suit the O&G visitors, while we must remain "nice" to Our abusers.


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