When our forefathers drew the lines creating the states, how was it possible they knew that all of the oil/gas would be west of the PA/Ohio border?

This is obviously in jest, but I'm still confused as to how all of the noise coming from the the drilling is out of Ohio?  Was Pennsylvania mostly hype?  I just find it hard to believe that oil production is non-existent in PA yet it they are digging holes/exploring left and right 20 miles to the west. 

Will Pennsylvania benefit from this? If so, when do you project us to see any development?  And how do you expect it to compare to that of Ohio?

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Agree, J-O (have seen plenty in 30+ years in business).  However, LNG load / unload will be treated like nuclear power plant, many times more scrutiny, investigation, permitting levels, oversight than any other O&G infrastructure.  Feds (US and Canada), state, media, enviros, etc will up intensity of efforts to derail if attempted inland (Erie for example).


There are two natural gas power plants starting in PA. one in Towanda Bradford County called the Liberty. One in Lycoming county called the Patriot. Both have broken ground. completion 2015-2016.

Thanks for the reference Jim.

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