Ohioans - How Many Ways Is Your Bad Lease and Bad Right Of Way Contract VOID?

Many Ohioans were victimized by signing a bad lease that ended up in Chesapeake Energy's file drawers, and had their Surface Rights stolen by signing a Right Of Way Contract that became the property of Cardinal Gas Services, which is Chesapeake Energy.

1) Many O&G Leases including ALOV & SURE, have a paragraph that states the Lease if void if the Laws Of Ohio are violated. Theft by Deception leading to Ohio RICO Fraud are just the start of the Ohio laws violated. Your Lease is VOID.

2) Ohio Revised Code - Deception in Writings in simple terms states that if an Ohioans Land is tied up financially, those who took control of that land must not have used deception or fraud to effectively steal the monetary value of that land. If You were lied to, Your Lease is VOID.

See lawriter for the Ohio Revised Codes and look up these laws: http://codes.ohio.gov/orc/

NOTE: I see that many laws have changed in 2018 & 2019. The laws that applied when documents were signed were applicable, even if those laws were modified recently for unknown reasons.

3) 2018 Ohio Supreme Court ruling: Oil & Gas contracts/leases are Real Estate documents, therefore those who negotiated these documents must have been Ohio Licensed Real Estate Agents. Was Your lease or ROW contract negotiated by a Licensed Real Estate Agent? If not Your Lease & ROW Contract are VOID.

The ex-esquires who were relieved of their duties on June 5th 2019 by Our President Trump who separated the US from England's Royalty/Maritime Law, and placed the US under Common Law for the 1st time in US History, will not agree with me on the above. They have too many clients to let the Law stand in their way, but they are no longer relevant. They will each need to re-certify and pass a background check for Corruption.

Note: Ohio Law has been on an O&G Holiday. Wait for the Sealed Federal Indictments for Ohio to be opened before attempting to void Your contracts. The swamp draining applies to Washington DC and all 50 States.

Encino will be waiting on the Henceroth case and the recent KWGD case while stealing 90% of Your 1% royalty that was being paid by Chesapeake when they are indicted.

After the Round Up, Your leases & ROW Contracts will be void.

I suggest All US Citizens Defrauded by O&G go for a 25% Gross Royalty with the US Treasury who will own all O&G Companies per the Executive Orders I have referenced in past posts. Remember, EVERYTHING IS NEGOTIABLE.

A 25% Gross Lease will allow Ohio and US Landowners to recoup what has been stolen from them with payment for damages.

Remember, Ohio RICO Fraud requires 3 Times the loses to be repaid to those who were stolen from.

Q recently posted "Rig For Red" a term used on Submarines in the Control Room to darken the spaces for going to periscope depth. This means the White Hats are going on the Offensive, to sink the Deep State.

Check for Yourselves: https://qmap.pub/

Pray for Our President Trump, Our Military, the NSA, US Militias and Patriots who are in harms way as Our governments are returned to We The People, and Corruption is removed from OUR NATION.

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