There are several law suits currently in progress. The status of ongoing lawsuits might be of some interest to our members. Might there be a way to summarize status or otherwise serve to update interested members?

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Legal matters are generally confidential and best kept secure to only those involved.

Agreed about individual suits-I am referring to class action suits and group action suits.

Class action suits aren't going anywhere soon.  There are groups that are taking E & P's on;  Brian Day is right, no good is achieved by giving your opponent a heads up.  If you own property that is producing but you are getting hosed on royalties, find a good oil and gas attorney. This won't fix itself, and nobody is going to help you if you do nothing.  You have to fight for your rights. Period.

Joe & Brian, you're both right and I agree with your sentiments. Apparently I was not clear in my original request. There is a recent AG decision in Penn. being adjudicated, and a sleeper set of suits (each starting at I believe 5 Billion $) awaiting the outcomes of the AG situation.

These are the suits to which I was referring, and it goes back several years. It is coming to a head, but I had lost track of them and thought this forum might find it of interest. There are 3 law firms involved, working together, to deal with the issues involved.


I would like to know the status of the demchak class action in Pa


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