PA Lawmaker Caught Shaking Down Gasco for Money, Rides on Private Jet...

E-mails released today by Range Resources show that State Rep Jesse White shook them down for money and a ride via private jet to the Super bowl a few years ago.

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Here's 33 minutes of pure gold:

KDKA's Mike Pintek got Range Resources spokesman Matt Pitzarella and Jesse White in on a 33 minute segment addressing the situation.  Highly recommend everyone that has been following this take a listen.

WOW...Jesse White is dangerous ...SLEEZY!!!

jesse white, the jesse jackson of the oil patch.

Jesse White....comes off like a proud graduate of the "Willy Clinton School of Scoundrels".  I was waiting for the, well it depends on what the definition of "is" is. 

I would not go that far, but who knows. Just gald he was not involved with the Cracker plant and the deal with Shell. Imagine him and Dan Onorato in charge of those talks and negotiations. They would have crushed it in the first week and the plant would be setting up in Trumbull Co. Ohio for sure. I would bet the local Dems over there killed it. Thats what dems do!!!. Love killing jobs.


thank you. my kid lands in three days from afghanistan. one thankful father.

Thank you to your family for your commitment to our country! Give your son/daughter a hug and tell him/her that they are appreciated.

God Bless all of you loving , caring, people!  Happy Thanksgiving!!!


AMEN FANG F FANG...I'am very thankful for all the brave men and women who insure and protect our freedom...HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO YOU ALL!!!

thanks guys. God bless you all.


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